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By using the Foundation container classes, you avoid implementing your own collection classes for storing and accessing the bids (which is time consuming and error prone).
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myDVDPtr = (struct DVDInfo *)malloc( sizeof(struct DVDInfo) );
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The join, grouping, and sorting logic in this query are all contributing factors to its complexity and disk I/O usage. If this query was run once a day and after hours, then perhaps it wouldn t be much of a problem, but consider the user impact if this query was run by many users throughout the day. Using indexed views, we can materialize the results of this query, as shown in listing 13.4.
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Each entry must contain an <id> element. See section 4.5.4 for more about Atom identifiers. If the entry does not have a <content> element, it must have an alternate link. An entry s alternate link is its permalink, a permanent link to the entry s web representation. An entry can have multiple alternate links for different languages and content types, but an entry must not contain more than one alternate link for each combination of language and content type. The entry must include a <summary> element if the content is not easily readable, i.e., if there is no <content> element, the <content> element contains something other than text, or the <content> element references content elsewhere.
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TransparentColor Gets or sets the color to treat as transparent in the list s images. Public Methods Public Events Draw RecreateHandle Draws an indicated image in a specified Graphics object. Occurs when the underlying Win32 handle is recreated for the list.
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The ContactMgr data model
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- (void)runTask:(NSString *)taskName theDirectory:(NSString *)dir theArgs:(NSMutableArray *)args getOutputFrom:(int)outType; { NSPipe *pipe = [NSPipe pipe]; NSFileHandle *readHandle = [pipe fileHandleForReading]; NSData *inData = nil; m_taskName = taskName; m_directory = dir; m_args = args; task = [[NSTask alloc] init]; [task setCurrentDirectoryPath:dir]; if (outType == 0)
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Table 2.2 Major 1 1 2
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The Control class extends the Component class we saw in chapter 3. All controls are components, and therefore support the IComponent and IDisposable interfaces. Controls can act as containers for other controls, although not all controls actually do so. The premier example of such a container is the Form class, which we have been using for our application window all along. The class hierarchy for the Form class is discussed in chapter 7. All controls are also disposable. When you are finished with a control, you should call the Dispose method inherited from the Component class to clean up any nonmemory resources used by the control. The Control class forms the basis for all windows controls in .NET, and provides many of the properties, methods, and events we have already seen such as the Left, Top, Width, and Height properties, the Invalidate method, and the Click event. An overview of the Control class is provided in .NET Table 4.1. Note that only a portion of the many members of this class are shown in the table. Consult the online documentation for the complete list of members. The StatusBar class is just one of many controls derived from the Control class. We will look at the StatusBar class in more detail in a moment, and other control classes throughout the rest of the book.
Notice that in the write-output (2+2) case, the open parenthesis causes the interpreter to enter a new level of interpretation where the parsing mode is once again established by the first token. This means that the sequence 2+2 is actually parsed in expression mode, not command mode, so the result of the expression (4) is emitted. Also, the last example in the table illustrates the exception mentioned previously for a leading variable reference in a string. A variable itself is treated as an expression, but a variable followed by arbitrary text is treated as though the whole thing were in double quotes. This is so you can write
Connect the OLE DB connection adapter to the lookup transformation by clicking on the OLE DB Source, dragging the green arrow over the lookup, and dropping it. 3 Right-click the lookup transformation and click Edit (or double-click the lookup transformation) to edit. You should now see something like the example shown in figure 2. When the editor opens, click the New button beside the OLE DB Connection Manager drop-down (as you did earlier for the OLE DB source adapter). Define a new data connection this time to the SSISIncrementalLoad_Dest database. After setting up the new data connection and connection manager, configure the lookup transformation to connect to dbo.tblDest. Click the Columns tab. On the left side are the columns currently in the SSIS data flow pipeline (from SSISIncrementalLoad_Source. dbo.tblSource). On the right side are columns available from the lookup destination you just configured (from SSISIncrementalLoad_Dest.dbo.tblDest). We ll need all the rows returned from the destination table, so check all the check boxes beside the rows in the destination. We need these rows for our WHERE clauses and our JOIN ON clauses. We don t want to map all the rows between the source and destination only the columns named ColID between the database tables. The mappings drawn between the Available Input columns and Available Lookup columns define the JOIN ON clause. Multi-select the mappings between ColA, ColB, and ColC by clicking on them while holding the Ctrl key. Right-click any of them and click Delete Selected Mappings to delete these columns from our JOIN ON clause, as shown in figure 3.
14.3 The code for Mail Blogger for C#
have the two management groups established, you can either run an agent installation from both management groups one at a time, or run a manual installation of the agent for each of the management groups. The agent will only be installed once, but will be configured (via registry settings) with the information of all of the management groups it is reporting to. Figure 2-13 shows such a configuration.
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