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and release a Mutex than it does to do a Monitor.Enter and Monitor.Exit. Table 8.2 offers a comparison of the Mutex class to the Monitor class.
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Concatenation Ordering Grouping Set Conversion Equality Element
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> defaults delete com.apple.Xcode > rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Xcode
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Downloading and Installing the Facebook App
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Mapping polymorphic associations
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You can determine that the program is leaking by noticing the absence of the "Term B" and "Term A" statements in the immediate window. This is one of the reasons that the designers of .NET chose to go with garbage collection instead of reference counting as the means of managing memory. Recall that reference counting is a means of keeping track of how many objects are referencing an item. Each time an object gains a reference, it increments the reference count. When an object is finished with an item, it decrements the reference count of that item. When the reference count of an item reaches zero, it is removed from memory as part of the decrementing call. The negative impact of garbage collection is that it introduces nondeterministic finalization. All that means is that you don t know exactly when, or even if, the Finalize method will execute. To see that .NET really has fixed the circular reference problem, consider listing 2.5.
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Note that arrays in PowerShell are origin-zero; that is, the first element in the array is at index 0, not index 1. As the example showed, the first element of $a is in $a[0]. As with hashtables, changes are made to an array by assigning new values to indexes in the array. In the following example, we ll assign new values to the first and third elements in $a.
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using( ISession session = sessionFactory.OpenSession() ) using( session.BeginTransaction() ) { session.SaveOrUpdate(laptops); session.Transaction.Commit(); }
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Notice there are a considerable number of threads, the majority of which were created to display the threads in the process. When using the Diagnostics namespace, remember that inspecting a portion of the system may change the behavior of that part of the system. System.Diagnostics.ProcessThread A physical thread is represented using the ProcessThread object. Table 3.3 contains selected ProcessThread properties and methods.
You can download Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel 2010 from http://powerpivot.com. You can download the Web Platform Installer from http://bit.ly/WebPI.
First, you need to get into the Spotlight Search, which resides to the left of the first page of the Home screen.
To set the time zone: 1. 2. 3. Touch Time Zone in the right column. Start to type in the name of the desired city (Figure 1 18). Touch the name of the city to select it and the screen will automatically move back to the Date and Time screen.
Office Business Applications (OBA) is a huge topic area that deserves a book in its own right. Steve Fox has done a good job of this already with his book, Programming Microsoft Office Business Applications. The website OBACentral.com is also well worth visiting, and includes videos of BDC solutions that you can watch online. But following an introduction to OBA in this chapter, we want to concentrate on where the Business Data Catalog can provide data from your LOB systems and make that data available in your Microsoft Office client applications. We ll look at the development tools available throughout the Microsoft Office
<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White"> ... <clib:Expander Header="This is an Expander Control" Margin="20" BorderBrush="Black"> <clib:OrbitPanel Orbits="3"> ... </clib:OrbitPanel> </clib:Expander> </Grid>
6.3 Parsing newsfeeds with the Feeds API
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