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In this section we implement the Next and Previous menu items for our application. These menus are part of the View menu on the main menu bar. If you recall, this menu was cloned and assigned to the context menu for use with the PictureBox control. Our careful implementation in chapter 3 ensured that the contents of the context menu always match the contents of the View menu. In fact, your application should include these menus now, as can be seen in figure 6.2.
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CHAPTER 5: Stick Around: Building Data-Driven Applications with SQLite
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// set up the vertexes based on the image dimensions UIImage *image = [UIImage imageNamed:name]; int num_vertexes = 4; cpVect verts[] = { cpv([image size].width/2 * -1, [image size].height/2 * -1), cpv([image size].width/2 * -1, [image size].height/2), cpv([image size].width/2, [image size].height/2), cpv([image size].width/2, [image size].height/2 * -1) };
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With great power comes great responsibility.
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Retrieving objects
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Most reporting requirements, however, call for data-driven reports. With the proliferation of database standards and providers, reporting off heterogeneous databases has traditionally been difficult, even with the most popular reporting tools. For example, Microsoft Access is limited to supporting only ODBC-compliant databases. One of the most prominent strengths of RS is that it can draw data from any data source that has an ODBC or OLE DB driver. Don t despair if your data source doesn t support ODBC or OLE DB. Developers can extend RS to report off pretty much any data source that exposes data in a tabular format, as you see in chapter 13. While we aren t excluding the possibility of reporting off less popular data sources, such as flat files or Excel spreadsheets, usually your reports will draw data from designated Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) or Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) databases.
Properties generally describe an object s characteristics such as height, width, length, and color or the object s state such as On/Off or Thaw/Freeze. An object typically contains many properties that provide the client application with access to most, if not all, of its characteristics.
and component design to at least give you an idea how compositing game objects out of individual parts works in principle and what the benefits are. I do want to point out that there is no one best approach to code design. Certain choices are entirely subjective and depend on personal preferences and experience. Working code is often preferable to clean code if you re willing to refactor your codebase often as you learn more about the game you re making. Experience allows you to make more of these decisions up front in the planning stage, enabling you to create more complex games faster. So if that s your goal, start by making and completing smaller games and slowly push yourself to new limits and new challenges. It s a learning process, and unfortunately the easiest way to kill your motivation is to be over-ambitious. There s a reason why every seasoned game programmer will tell a beginner to start simple and to recreate classic arcade games like Tetris, Pac-Man, or Asteroids first.
PS C:\> get-job | where { -not $_.HasMoreData } | remove-job PS C:\> get-job WARNING: column "Command" does not fit into the display and was removed. Id -3 5 Name ---Job3 Job5 State ----Completed Completed HasMoreData ----------True True Location -------localhost server-r2,lo...
Any discussion of accessibility on the Mac should focus on VoiceOver. You have probably seen the VoiceOver Preferences in the Universal Access preference panel, but you may not have explored what you can do with it. This preference panel allows you to set up your Mac to provide assistance with a range of access issues, but our main focus in this section is on assistance for visual impairment. Somewhat unusually, the actual preferences for VoiceOver (and there is an enormous number of them) are handled in a separate utility, accessed from the preference panel. See Figure 14 7.
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