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Note: Recall that in chapter 5 we supported the IDisposable interface in our PhotoAlbum class, which allows us to employ the using statement here. 9 If the album could not be opened or is empty, then cancel the operation.
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Resources, styles, control templates, and themes
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Still another method is to type the character sequence including file and the #include files.
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ThisDrawing.Utility.GetEntity objEntity, varPick, "Select an entity" If objEntity Is Nothing Then MsgBox "No entity was selected" Exit Sub ' exit if no entity picked End If strLayerName = InputBox("Enter a new Layer name: ") If "" = strLayerName Then Exit Sub ' exit if no name entered Set objLayer = ThisDrawing.Layers(strLayerName) If objLayer Is Nothing Then MsgBox "Layer was not recognized" Exit Sub ' exit if layer not found End If objEntity.Layer = strLayerName ' else change entity layer End Sub You can determine if a specific layer is active by comparing the string to the ActiveLayer.Name property: If ThisDrawing.ActiveLayer.Name = "Walls" Then ... This is a pretty common operation, so make it a function. You ll also want to allow for various combinations of upper- and lowercase letters, as AutoCAD does: Public Function IsLayerActive(strLayerName As String) As Boolean IsLayerActive = False 'assume failure If 0 = StrComp(ThisDrawing.ActiveLayer.Name, strLayerName, _ vbTextCompare) Then IsLayerActive = True End If End Function This IsLayerActive function checks whether a particular string corresponds to the active layer name. True will be returned if the layer is active, otherwise False will be returned. The following gets a layer name from the user and employs the new function to see if it s active:
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' file : hello.vb ' compile : vbc hello.vb Imports System module Hello sub main() Console.WriteLine("Hello from VB.NET") end sub end module
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Like graphics context properties, the methods to draw objects are scattered among the objects themselves. The exceptions are a few C functions that fill rectangles or draw multipart images. The most commonly used C functions are listed in Table 20-3. Table 20-3. Common Cocoa Drawing Functions
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Moving Icons to the Bottom Dock Docking Them
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The MOM Remote Prerequisite Checker is a version of the MOM Prerequisite Checker that can be run against a remote server. This is useful if you are not able to interactively log onto a server, but want to verify that it has the necessary prerequisites to allow an install of MOM. A screenshot of the utility is shown in Figure 11-4.
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This utility stored procedure has been designed to simplify two tasks described in this technique: Move a large number of nonclustered indexes into a dedicated filegroup, as part of reorganizing your database in preparation to perform PRIMARY (tablesonly) filegroup-based backups. Generate a script to re-create nonclustered indexes during the restore process if necessary. The workflow of this stored procedure iterates over a database s indexes, generating a
PS (3) > $indexes = 2,3,4,5 PS (4) > $a[$indexes] 3 4 5 6
Focused button is sent the PreviewKeyDown event. Focused button is sent the KeyDown event.
We display the form as a modal dialog to force the user to close this window before continuing with the application. Note that a Close button is not provided, so the user must close the form using the title bar, the system menu, or the keyboard shortcut Alt+F4.2 After the ShowDialog method returns, we clean up the system resources assigned to the form by calling the Dispose method.
Note: If you are not using Visual Studio, create the new menu manually, and set the Index property for each of the File, Edit, and View menus to 0, 1, and 2 respectively.
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