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If you are in a playlist, touching the Next Song arrow (to the right of the Play/Pause button) advances you to the next song in the list. If you are searching through your music by album, touching Next moves you to the next song on the album. Touching the Previous Song button does the reverse. NOTE: If you re at the beginning of a song, Previous takes you to the preceding song. If the song is already playing, Previous goes to the beginning of the current song (and a second tap would take you to the previous song).
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do { isPrime = true; candidate += 2;
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Figure 5 9. Click in the Copy items into destination group s folder (if needed) box to ensure that all related images follow along with the code. Also, click in the Recursively create groups for any added folders box.
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Listing 18.8 An open shape (Polyline) compared to a closed shape (Polygon)
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XElement root = XElement.Load("categorizedBooks.xml"); var books = from book in root.XPathSelectElements("//book") select book; foreach(XElement book in books) { Console.WriteLine((string)book); }
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As you can see in the figure, the ScrollableControl and ContainerControl classes extend the Control class discussed in chapter 4 to support functionality required by the Form class. The ScrollableControl class adds auto-scrolling capabilities, while the ContainerControl adds focus management on the contained set of controls, even when the container itself does not have the focus.
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Figure 3.14 You edit and view project elements in the Editor pane. Elements include source code, header files, target and build setting, and documentation files.
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Right-click the project and select Add Reference. Click the Browse tab and navigate to the folder where NHibernate is installed. By default, NHibernate resides in the C:\Program Files\NHibernate\bin\net2.0\ folder. From the list of assemblies, select NHibernate.dll. Click OK to add this reference to your solution. By default, the Console Application should have added a file called Program.cs to your solution. Locate this file and open it. Note that, in console applications, this will be the first thing that is run when you execute the program. Reference the NHibernate library at the top of the Program.cs file with the using NHibernate, using System.Reflection and NHibernate.Cfg statements, as follows:
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switch (version) { case 67: photo = Photograph.ReadVer67(s); goto default; case 77: // Version 77 specific tasks goto case 67; default: Photograph.ReadGlobalData(s); Break; }
Handwritten mocks and stubs have benefits, but they also have their share of problems. Let s take a look at them.
Getting started with WPF and Visual Studio 2008
As with almost everything in software engineering, the simple cases are easy; it s the boundary conditions that get tricky. Archiving (serialization) is no exception. There are a number of confounding issues to deal with. Java and Objective-C handle most in a similar fashion. These include transient
As we can see, this type of manipulation is quite simple. B.6.2 The event log as a live object One important characteristic of the EventLog object is that it is a live object. This means that once we get the object, we can continue to check it for updates to see what s changed. For example, we take a look at the PowerShell log in $log.
After the Setup program has completed, the next step is configuring the MCMS Content Repository database using the DCA.
Keeping a High Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Security folder 300 SQL Server Query Analyzer 500 SQL Server Reporting Services service 401 SqlClient, Current # pooled connections counter 76 SqlDataReader 403 SSAS 69
The EventTrigger element initiates an action when the Image is loaded. This action is represented as the BeginStoryboard element. A trigger is one way to start an animation. The Storyboard object is responsible for organizing and controlling the animations defined within it. Because of the BeginStoryboard action, this Storyboard is automatically started when the EventTrigger is fired. The DoubleAnimation element specifies that you re going to animate a doubleprecision value. There are other animation types that we ll cover in a moment. But more importantly, the value to animate is referenced with help from the Storyboard.TargetProperty and Storyboard.TargetName properties.
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