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private void VisitExpression(Expression expression) { if (expression.NodeType == ExpressionType.AndAlso) { ProcessAndAlso((BinaryExpression)expression); } else if (expression.NodeType == ExpressionType.Equal) { ProcessEqual((BinaryExpression)expression); } else if (expression.NodeType == ExpressionType.LessThanOrEqual) { ProcessLessThanOrEqual((BinaryExpression)expression); } else if (expression is MethodCallExpression) { ProcessMethodCall((MethodCallExpression)expression); } else if (expression is LambdaExpression) { ProcessExpression(((LambdaExpression)expression).Body); } }
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if (userWantsANewEngine) { Engine *engine = [Slant6 new]; [car setEngine: engine]; }
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-match makes a comparison between a string of text and a regular expression pattern. -notmatch is its logical opposite, and as you might expect, -cmatch and -cnotmatch provide case-sensitive versions. Regular expressions are beyond the
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It s important to consider how to apply all of these tools to common situations. Bear in mind that for the most part, most of the situations we protect against and the errors that will be sent to the client should rarely if ever occur. The UI and application layer should prevent them. Our goal in placing these protections is twofold. First, without a guarantee, mistakes will often be made. There are too many clients and too many situations to guarantee perfection in the object layers that are created. Having this impenetrable layer of protection protects us from any mistakes being made. Second, there are performance benefits as well. Many of the objects that we ve looked at will improve performance: Using proper data types can reduce storage overhead and prevent comparisons between unlike types eliminating index utilization. Limiting NULLs can help the optimizer not consider NULL as a possibility, and make comparisons easier. Uniqueness constraints can help the optimizer know that only one value can match for a query. Using proper indexes (including unique indexes) generally helps performance unless grossly overused, even ones on a view or filtered index (with a WHERE clause). Using foreign key constraints helps the optimizer to know whether related values exist. Using check constraints (when trusted) lets the optimizer know what sorts of values can be in a table, so searching for an illegal value is a known fail. In general, the major problem with all of these objects is that they take work. So unless you have an advocate for the process, it s often quite hard to make the case for database protection that duplicates some of the protection that s in the application code. The goal of this section is to give you a succinct overview of the different types of objects in terms of types of things you re trying to protect against. Independent of performance, there s a tremendous amount of overlap in which tools you use to solve any problem. Triggers could be written to do all data validation, and in the early (dark) ages of SQL Server, triggers, NULL specifications, and unique indexes were all we had for implementation. There were no constraints whatsoever and we made do. Clearly a trigger-only approach isn t the best practice today; rather, the best practice is to use the tools in the order we first discussed, considering whether you can use the technique mentioned to cover your particular need: Data types to constrain data to a basic physical structure that best matches the need. NULL specifications to keep NULL data out of columns that shouldn t have NULLs (this is one of the worst offences that people do: letting values be NULL so that the UI can send multiple updates).
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IBOutlet MKMapView *mapView; APRSwebViewController *webBrowserController; IBOutlet UISegmentedControl *ctlMapTypeChooser; IBOutlet UIActivityIndicatorView *aiActivityInd;
Dynamic newsfeeds are produced by application code running on a web server, such as an ASP.NET page, a JSP, a Servlet, or an old-fashioned CGI script. Static newsfeeds are produced by application code running separately from a web server and then uploaded or copied to a web server to be served as static files. We recommend that you generate newsfeeds in Atom format, but in some cases you may also wish to generate RSS 2.0 format, because it is still the most widely supported format. Make sure your newsfeeds are valid XML and are valid according to the rules of the newsfeed format you have chosen by using Feed Validator. You can generate newsfeeds using a variety of technologies and techniques, including XML tools, JSP, ASP.NET, and newsfeed libraries. For most developers, the best approach to generating newsfeeds is to use a newsfeed library, such as ROME for Java. Take advantage of client-side caches, proxy caches, server-side caches, and compression to reduce computer, network, and bandwidth usage.
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