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NHibernate has sensible defaults that minimize typing and a mature document type definition that can be used for auto-completion or validation in editors, including Visual Studio. You can even automatically generate metadata with various tools.
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from User u order by u.Lastname asc, u.Firstname asc
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The application model and the plug-in
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We now have appropriate rights to look up words!
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CHAPTER 26: Your iTunes User Guide
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At some point, you cannot zoom out further.
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SELECT Description FROM Production.ProductDescription WHERE CONTAINS(Description, 'FORMSOF (INFLECTIONAL, ride) ')
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CHAPTER 14: Your Calendar
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standby databases 446 initialization 446 standby server 463, 468, 472 473 star schemas 637 START FULL POPULATION 181 Startup Parameters 440 441 state values 712 static analysis phase 125 static partition elimination 425 static reports 639 static SQL 211, 668 security 211 static statement 729 static tables 179 statistical information 712 statistics 239, 241, 688 collection 335 operating system 606 table 242 tools 606 STATISTICS IO 571 status 70 71 segment 71 stemmer 183 184 stemming 182 activity 184 stock-keeping units 257 stoplists 189 adding words 190 advanced queries 191 creating 190 dropping 191 removing words 191 user-defined 191 stopwords 189 advanced queries 191 custom set 191 customizing 186 system set 191 turning off 191 Storage 415 storage array 560 storage devices 451, 459 storage engine 298, 584 storage failure 462 storage format 253 storage overhead 24 storage redundancy 461 storage subsystem 584 storage system 449 stored procedure 74, 76, 79, 84, 286 288, 290, 554 execution replication 487 layer 6
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This TextBlock uses the Left and Top attached properties to set its position within an imaginary Canvas. The Left property specifies the distance, in pixels, from the left edge of the TextBlock element to the left edge of the parent Canvas. Likewise, the Top property sets the number of pixels between the top edge of the parent Canvas and the top edge of the TextBlock. This specific sample places the TextBlock 20 pixels from the left and 30 pixels from the top of a parent Canvas. Alternatively, you may need to set these values at runtime. To set the position of an element within a Canvas at runtime, you must do so programmatically. The Canvas element exposes two statically visible methods that enable you to set an element s position at runtime. There are also two other methods illustrated here using the TextBlock from the previous example that enable you to retrieve an element s position at runtime:
create procedure uspCountPerson
Jeff Wilcox from the Silverlight team at Microsoft put together a great walkthrough of purchasing and installing a certificate for personal use. You can find it on his blog here: http://www.jeff.wilcox.name/2010/02/codesigning101/.
The Code Project (http://www.codeproject.com) is a community-based Web site that hosts a huge range of .NET content, the bulk of which has been submitted by the Web site s members. The site currently has more than 8,000 free C++, C#, and .NET articles; code snippets; discussions; news; and the best bunch of developers on the Net. The quality of the Code Project articles is quite variable, and an online rating system is available to provide readers with an indication of the quality of a particular contribution.
Implementing IDataReader This is where the crux of the data retrieval and processing logic is. Similarly to the ADO.NET IDataReader, an object that implements this interface is responsible for providing a means to read the rowset in a forward-only fashion. The bulk of the data retrieval and manipulation logic (exception handling excluded) is shown in listing 15.2.
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