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SilentlyContinue For nonterminating problems, don t display an error mes-
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Although this book is not intended to be a solutions cookbook, it s always handy to have a few domain-specific examples. This section contains a number of short examples showing how common administration tasks might be accomplished with PowerShell.
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Car *car = [[Car alloc] init]; if ([car respondsToSelector: @selector(setEngine:)]) { NSLog (@"yowza!"); }
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17.1.2 Creating a project with the template
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Before we conclude this chapter and before using XEVENT, you should keep in mind the following facts: Though the performance cost for a single event firing is light just 2 s CPU time on a 2 GHz processor consuming the event is a different story. So you may consider asynchronous targets instead of synchronous targets, as the former have less effect on runtime performance. You can partition session buffers to improve scalability. As the number of CPUs grows, event session buffers can be partitioned to keep overhead low. Examine event retention needs XEVENT allows you to specify the event retention by configuring the EVENT_RETENTION_MODE event session option (ALLOW_ SINGLE_EVENT_LOSS an event can be lost from the session; ALLOW_ MULTIPLE_EVENT_LOSS full event buffers containing multiple events can be lost from the session; NO_EVENT_LOSS no event loss is allowed). Retaining every event may have a much larger impact from a performance point of view because firing threads will stall waiting on a free buffer. Many events can t be added to an event session with NO_EVENT_LOSS. Choose ALLOW_SINGLE_EVENT_LOSS or ALLOW_MULTIPLE_EVENT_LOSS whenever possible.
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public delegate void ClickHandler(object sender, EventArgs e); static object clickEventKey = new object(); public event ClickHandler Click { add { DelegateCache.Combine(value, this, clickEventKey); } remove { DelegateCache.Remove(value, this, clickEventKey); } }
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Properties config = new Properties(); config.load(BlogPoster.class.getResourceAsStream( "config.properties")); String target = config.getProperty("target"); String blogid = config.getProperty("blogid"); String username = config.getProperty("username"); String password = config.getProperty("password"); Hashtable post = new Hashtable(); post.put("dateCreated", new Date()); if (title != null) post.put("title", title); post.put("description", description); Vector params = new Vector(); params.addElement(blogid); params.addElement(username); params.addElement(password); params.addElement(post); params.addElement(Boolean.TRUE);
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Efficient backups without indexes
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The advanced properties contain other configuration properties that you can set, as shown in table 5.4.
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NSThread sends two notifications, listed in Table 15-4. See 18 for more about notifications. Table 15-4. Thread Notifications
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When creating a regular expression, you can specify several options to control how the matches are performed. Compiled is especially useful to speed up searches that use the same regular expression multiple times. Table 18-5 lists the regular expression options.
No No No 16 Yes Witnessf No No No No No No No No No
{ } (curly braces or curly brackets) These have three uses:
CHAPTER 4: You Go Squish Now! Debugging on the iPhone
Another way of specifying the exact process you want to target is the user ID (uid). Including the uid in the tell block allows you to target an application running on a specific user s account. This is useful when more than one user is logged into the Mac at a time. You can determine the name of the user of a certain uid in a couple of ways. You can use the terminal on the remote Mac by typing id followed by the username: hanaan$ id hanaan uid=501(hanaan) gid=501(hanaan) groups=501(hanaan), 81(appserveradm), 79(appserverusr), 80(admin) Or, if you use the choose remote application command, the uid will be specified in the result: application "Finder" of machine "eppc:// uid=502&pid=3896". From here, you can figure out the username associated with that uid by asking the Finder of that Mac for the name of home, like this: using terms from application "Finder" name of home of application "Finder" of machine "eppc:// uid=502" end using terms from -- "Olivia"
Figure 9.4 You can configure caching of files in IIS 7.0 using the Output Cache feature. This rule will cache all PNG files for one hour for a site using anonymous authentication.
19.5 Returning objects from a function
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