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The result would be an IEnumerable<string> containing all of the files in the C:\Users\Pete.Brown\Music folder on my machine. The full list of special folders currently supported in Silverlight is shown in table 5.2. The enumeration itself has quite a few other values, but those are for compatibility with the full framework. Using them in Silverlight will throw an exception.
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particles.xVelocityRange = BBRangeMake(40, 40); particles.yVelocityRange = BBRangeMake(-5, 10); particles.zVelocityRange = BBRangeMake(-5, 10);
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Linked servers allow you to treat data that resides on a different server as if it s on the same server. But it s easy to lose track of the fact that the data isn t all on the
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Safari Ch. 11
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List<Emoticon> emoticons = GetEmoticons(); myListBox.ItemsSource = emoticons;
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Listing 11.5 Adding the XmlDataProvider
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NSDate* earlierDate( NSDate* a, NSDate* b ) { if (a==nil) return (b); // returns nil if both a & b are nil if (b==nil || [a compare:b]==NSOrderedAscending) return (a); return (b); } Function calling syntax is identical to Java: NSDate *first = earlierDate(sometime,whenever). The earlierDate() function is globally accessible to all modules. A static keyword preceding the function definition would limit its scope to the module being compiled, just as it does for static variables.
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If you re going to use the SharePoint Service Locator in many solutions, create a separate farm solution that registers the locator in the Global Assembly Cache.
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The technological underpinnings of cloud computing
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a. Click the Projects tab. b. Click the MyPhotoAlbum project. c. Click the Select button. d. Click OK to add the selected project.
} } : function () { var elements = findClass("sprite"), sprites = {}; for (var i = elements.length, offsets = null; i --; ) { sprites[elements[i].id] = []; offsets = [queryCascade(elements[i], "backgroundPositionX"), queryCascade(elements[i], "backgroundPositionY")]; sprites[elements[i].id][0] = offsets.join(" "); sprites[elements[i].id][1] = 1 - parseInt(queryCascade(elements[i], "width")) + "px " + offsets[1]; addListener(elements[i], "mouseover", slideSprite); addListener(elements[i], "mouseout", slideSprite); } function slideSprite() { var e = window.event; if (e.type == "mouseover") { e.srcElement.style.backgroundPosition = sprites[e.srcElement.id][1]; } else { e.srcElement.style.backgroundPosition = sprites[e.srcElement.id][0]; } } } ; // drag and drop function drag(e) { if (!e) e = window.event; if (!e.target) e.target = e.srcElement; var wrapper = e.target.parentNode; var left = parseInt(queryCascade(wrapper, "left")); var top = parseInt(queryCascade(wrapper, "top")); var clientX = e.clientX; var clientY = e.clientY; wrapper.style.zIndex = doZ(); addListener(document, "mousemove", move, true); addListener(document, "mouseup", drop, true); burst(e); thwart(e); function move(e) { if (!e) e = window.event; wrapper.style.left = left + e.clientX - clientX + "px"; wrapper.style.top = top + e.clientY - clientY + "px"; burst(e); } function drop(e) { if (!e) e = window.event; removeListener(document, "mousemove", move, true); removeListener(document, "mouseup", drop, true); if (parseInt(wrapper.style.left) < 0) wrapper.style.left = "0px"; if (parseInt(wrapper.style.top) < 0) wrapper.style.top = "0px"; burst(e);
The following is the dictionary definition of the positional parameter subroutine (items shown in square brackets are optional): to subroutine_name ( [ parameter_variable [, parameter_variable ]...] ) --any local and/or global variable declarations --the statement/s to execute end subroutine_name If you omit the subroutine name after the end keyword, AppleScript will automatically add this for you when compiling the script. AppleScript also allows you to start the subroutine with on instead of to if you want both mean the same thing. The corresponding command will look like this: subroutine_name ( [ parameter_value [, parameter_value ]...] )
- (IBAction)next:(id)sender { [self prepareRightSide]; [NSAnimationContext beginGrouping]; [[NSAnimationContext currentContext] setDuration:ANIM_DURATION]; [self transitionInFromRight]; [self transitionOutToLeft]; [NSAnimationContext endGrouping]; currentTabIndex++;
PS (3) > $b = $a PS (4) > "$b" 1 2 3
The Client Object Model and Silverlight Web Parts
< xml version="1.0" > <hibernate-mapping xmlns="urn:nhibernate-mapping-2.0" namespace="Eg" assembly="Eg"> <class name="Cat" table="CATS" discriminator-value="C"> <id name="Id" column="uid" type="Int64"> <generator class="hilo"/> </id> <discriminator column="subclass" type="Char"/> <property name="Birthdate" type="Date"/> <property name="Color" not-null="true"/> <property name="Sex" not-null="true" update="false"/> <property name="Weight"/> <many-to-one name="Mate" column="mate_id"/> <set name="Kittens"> <key column="mother_id"/> <one-to-many class="Cat"/> </set> <subclass name="DomesticCat" discriminator-value="D"> <property name="Name" type="String"/> </subclass> </class> <class name="Dog"> <!-- mapping for Dog could go here --> </class> </hibernate-mapping>
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