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FROM MSP_EpmResource LEFT OUTER JOIN MSP_TimesheetResource ON MSP_EpmResource.ResourceUID = MSP_TimesheetResource.ResourceUID
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In the mid-1980s, Apple came up with some fundamental principles for how the Macintosh and its applications should look and feel: the Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines. The goal was to present users with a powerful, consistent system that was easy to use and that had an uncomplicated user interface. These design goals centered on the user being in charge of the computer and advocated techniques such as direct feedback for user actions, use of real-world metaphors for user interface elements, and a consistent user interface shared between and among applications. (Remember, these were the days when most personal computers ran MS-DOS and users interacted with the system using a command prompt and text-based interfaces.) For example, imagine you were developing an application and working on its user interface. One method would be to design your application s interface from scratch according to your own preferences, or possibly base it on a similar program s interface and make appropriate modifications. Now imagine if developers built all applications this way. The result would be applications that look and behave very differently and implement common operations in dissimilar ways. The consequence for users would be an uneven user experience and constant relearning of tasks when moving to new applications. Macintosh programmers did things differently. Instead of designing and laying out their applications user interface any way they wished, they followed the guidelines Apple provided them; this process ensured that applications maintained the Macintosh look and feel. In addition, Apple s toolbox routines did much of the work of supporting that interface for most developers, breaking the guidelines involved more work than following them. At first this programming approach was quite a shift, and it probably would not have succeeded if the guidelines had not been well thought out or did not make sense. Luckily, Apple employed some smart, experienced people who cared a great deal about how users interact with computers. The Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines became a cornerstone for user interface development on the Macintosh, and most applications were judged and evaluated based on these principles. The consequences of these guidelines are applications that implement interface elements and standard operations in a consistent way, enabling users to easily translate their current knowledge to new programs. Over the years, the interface guidelines have grown as new technologies and interface components have been added to the Macintosh system. Today, the Aqua Human Interface Guidelines (http://developer.apple.com/techpubs/macosx/Essentials/AquaHIGuidelines) describe how to construct user interfaces for Mac OS X applications. To a degree,
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As I showed earlier, a variable s address is a lot like the library catalog number in a library book s catalog entry. Both act as pointers, one to a book on the library shelf and the other to a variable. From now on, when we use the term pointer with respect to a variable, we are referring to the variable s address. Now that you understand what a pointer is, your next goal is to learn how to use pointers in your programs. The next few sections will teach you some valuable pointer programming skills. You ll learn how to create a pointer to a variable. You ll also learn how to use that pointer to access the variable to which it points. The C language provides you with a few key tools to help you. These tools come in the form of two special operators: & and *.
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public interface IGrouping<TKey, T> : IEnumerable<T> { TKey Key { get; } }
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IList results = session.CreateQuery( @"from User user, LogRecord log where user.Username = log.Username" ) .List(); foreach( Object[] pair in results ) User user = (User) pair[0]; LogRecord log = (LogRecord) pair[1]; }
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6.7.3 The help file
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XML is a ubiquitous mechanism for exchanging data. It is a subset of Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), which has been an industry standard for a long time now. XML resembles HTML in that it is a tag-based language. However, in XML, there is no set standard on tag names as there is in HTML (i.e., <html>, <head>, <title>, <body>, etc.). If you look closely at the tags that HTML uses, you ll note that they specify both the data and how to display it. A good example is an HTML table:
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So structured programming is great; that is, until you have to exit from a set of deeply nested while loops. That s when pure structured programming leads to pathologically convoluted logic because you have to litter your program with Boolean variables and conditionals to achieve the flow of control you need. This is when being a little impure and allowing the use of unstructured flow control elements (including the infamous goto statement) is useful. Now, PowerShell doesn t actually have a goto statement. Instead, it has break and continue statements and labeled loops. Let s look at some simple examples. Here s a while loop that stops counting at 5.
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Figure 6.11 The 5 button is being pressed, triggering a color change.
Policy-based management terms
Common Custom Event Rules
7.2.7 Avoiding overspecification in tests
Current limitations of SSD for enterprise deployments
Changing your Contact Sort Order and Display Order
To set up these accounts, open the Computer Management console and create the three Windows groups (AW Sales Managers, AW Sales, and AW Sales Admin) listed in table 9.4. In the process of doing so, don t forget to uncheck the User Must Change Password at Next Logon check box. Then, create the three Windows user accounts (Michael9, David8, and Ashvini0) and assign them to the appropriate groups. 9.4.2 Creating custom roles To meet the last of your requirements, you need to create a new role because none of the predefined roles includes only management tasks. To create a custom role with the Report Manager, follow these steps: Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Click the Site Settings menu. Click the Configure Item-Level Role Definitions link. Click the New Role button. The New Role screen appears (figure 9.7). Name the new role Sales Admin and assign to it all management tasks shown in figure 9.7.
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