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In addition, I added a SneakyButton member variable for easier access to the button I m going to create now. This is done in the addFireButton method in Listing 7 7.
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In the example, I use the PeopleRepository class from listing 12.7 with a collection of Person objects exposed through a property named People. In XAML, I create a resource to hold a reference to that repository and set the DataContext of the DataForm to that StaticResource. (You could, of course, also create the repository and set the DataContext from code.) I then bound the ItemsSource to the collection of Person objects. The resulting DataForm looks like figure 12.2.
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CHAPTER 5: Frameworks in Xcode
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for ( i=0; i<20; i++ ) myInts[ i ] = 0;
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We divide the grid into three columns with widths of 120, 5, and 1*. In the first column, we create a DockPanel. We add a TextBox followed by a ListBox in the DockPanel. In the second column, we add a GridSplitter. Although the CVE names are currently a predictable width, we don t want the app to behave poorly if more verbose names are used. In the third column, we add a GroupBox. In the GroupBox, we want some areas for description, references, and comments. We add a StackPanel, and then add the controls shown in listing 11.4.
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Defining the Problem
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Apple provides a very good FAQ on using do shell script at http://developer.apple.com/
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Notice that a new file named slasher has been created. You can run this program by typing the following command:
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Notice that I m sending a Get-WmiObject command to the remote computers. I could have chosen to use Get-WmiObject s own -computername parameter, but I didn t do so for four reasons:
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PS (7) > switch (3) { 1 { "One" } 2 { "two" } default {"default"} } default
TypeName: System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController Name ---Name RequiredServices Disposed Close Continue CreateObjRef Dispose Equals ExecuteCommand GetHashCode GetLifetimeService GetType InitializeLifetimeService Pause Refresh Start Stop ToString WaitForStatus MemberType ---------AliasProperty AliasProperty Event Method Method Method Method Method Method Method Method Method Method Method Method Method Method Method Method Definition ---------Name = ServiceName RequiredServices = ServicesDepe... System.EventHandler Disposed(Sy... System.Void Close() System.Void Continue() System.Runtime.Remoting.ObjRef ... System.Void Dispose() bool Equals(System.Object obj) System.Void ExecuteCommand(int ... int GetHashCode() System.Object GetLifetimeService() type GetType() System.Object InitializeLifetim... System.Void Pause() System.Void Refresh() System.Void Start(), System.Voi... System.Void Stop() string ToString() System.Void WaitForStatus(Syste...
CREATE THE ALBUMEDITDLG FORM AND ITS PANEL CONTROLS Action 1 Derive a new AlbumEditDlg form from the BaseEditDlg form.
CHAPTER 4: Other Sync Methods
This method should simply create a new shape for that circle. The first approach to this problem would be to simply create a random piece. When you do this, you will get to a point where the circles are filled with shapes that the user cannot replace with the center piece and will lose a life. To keep the frustration at bay, you should always have at least one circle where you could set the center piece. That is what happens in Listing 1-6. In Frenzic, the method in Listing 1-6 took a very long time to get right. From the beginning, the goal was to make the game as much fun as possible, and the frustrating pies that could not be placed worked against that goal. On the other hand, giving out only pies that could be set would reduce Frenzic to a simple tap-as-fast-as-you-can game with no strategy. In addition to the ideal game that is played in the background, Frenzic uses more rules to give you your pie. The lesson here is: tweaking your game while you develop it is essential. The method for a providing a new center piece is in Listing 1-7.
Working with Multiple Address Books (Groups)
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