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public Switching() itsTimeToStop { controls the itsTimeToStop=false; Loop method WaitCallback callback; callback = new WaitCallback(Loop); ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(callback); }
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Character *player; Earthling *hero; Thing *secret; if ([player respondsToSelector:@selector(giveItem:to:)]) [(Earthling*)player giveItem:secret to:hero]; // assume player is Earthling
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fclose( fp );
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Collection sets: disk usage, query statistics, server activity Data collector
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/// term of the polynomial. /// </description> class PolySimple: Polynomial { public PolySimple(params double[] coefficients): base(coefficients) { } public override IPolynomial GetEvaluate() { return((IPolynomial) this); } public override double Evaluate(double value) { double retval = coefficients[0]; double f = value; for (int i = 1; i < coefficients.Length; i++) { retval += coefficients[i] * f; f *= value; } return(retval); } } } This is a simple evaluator that merely walks through the polynomial term by term, accumulates the values, and returns the result. Finally, the driver ties it all together: namespace Polynomial { using System; using System.Diagnostics; /// <summary> /// Driver class for the project /// </summary> public class Driver { /// <summary> /// Times the evaluation of a polynomial /// </summary> /// <param name="p">The polynomial to evaluate</param>
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Listing 5.21 Record-and-replay versus AAA-style isolation
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The reuse of our existing classes is possible because of the manner in which the Form class in general and MDI support in particular is integrated into the Windows Forms hierarchy. As we discussed in chapter 7, a Form object is a Control instance that happens to display an application window. For MDI applications, Form controls are contained by a parent Form. Of course, the contained forms can be resized and moved within their container, and can still display menus, toolbars, status bars, and other controls. As we shall see, the relationship between MDI parent and child forms is different than the relationship between control containers and controls. 528
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And now run the application. If you add a few values, the application should look like the picture from figure 14.8 at the beginning of this section.
Visual states are designed for XAML. They re based around storyboards and references within the same XAML file. For more in-depth information on creating states, check out chapter 23. Listing 24.11 shows the visual states definition for the Expander control. Place this markup into the spot called out in listing 24.9.
[WebBrowsable] [Personalizable(PersonalizationScope.Shared)] [WebDisplayName("RSS feed Url")] [WebDescription("Enter the Url to the RSS feed")] public string RssFeedUrl { get; set; } [WebBrowsable] [Personalizable(PersonalizationScope.Shared)] [WebDisplayName("Items to show")] [WebDescription("The number of RSS feed items to show")] public int ItemCount { get; set; }
SessionFactory.Evict( typeof(Category), 123 );
e. struct Link {
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