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Mac users have been enjoying the iMovie app for years. This app lets you combine movie clips with pictures and music, enabling you to add fancy transitions between scenes to make a professionallooking movie.
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nce the euphoria of running your first script settles (hold on it has been eight years, and I m still not over it . . .), you can turn yourself from a mere scripter into a lean, mean, scripting machine. This chapter is dedicated to teaching you a few good practices that can help you turn scripting into more of a business, from a product-management viewpoint. When you script, someone benefits from your scripts financially. I get there by applying the simple time is money rule. Remember that even with the immense time savings a single script can offer, you can still improve your scriptwriting in several ways. In this chapter, I will cover using good general script-writing practices, implementing naming conventions, being cautious with global variables and literals, using comments, enhancing performance, using subroutine libraries, getting user feedback, and delivering code to external sites.
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CHAPTER 4: Core iPhone Tools
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Equals() Equals() IComparer (IComparer<T>) IComparer (IComparer<T>)
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Private Sub TestMethod2() Try TestMethod3() Catch ex As Exception Dim NewException As Exception NewException = New Exception("TestMethod2", ex) Throw NewException End Try End Sub
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In addition to enumerating files, you d expect to be able to read from and write to the files in those directories, and you d be correct.
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Note: The State property used here defines the state settings for the current item. This contains an or d set of values taken from the DrawItemState enumeration. The code here is preferred over the use of a method such as ListBox.GetSelected since these and other methods may not reflect recent user changes until after the DrawItem event is processed.
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AllocateNamed- AllocateNamedDataSlot is a method on the Thread class that alloDataSlot cates thread local storage and associates it with a supplied name.
Figure 8.9 Thanks to our animation, the glow on the buttons shows up slowly, but it doesn t go away. We need to add another animation effect to make the glow go away when the mouse is no longer over the button.
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CHAPTER 5: Game Building Blocks
Silverlight navigation applications load content pages into frames. In our walkthrough of the Navigation Application template in section 15.2, you saw that the HyperlinkButton in the MainPage.xaml file invokes navigation for you. Although using a HyperlinkButton is an easy way to get content into a frame, it s not the only way. Take for example
@interface NSArray + (id)arrayWithObjects:(id)firstObj, ... @end @interface NSString + (id)stringWithFormat:(NSString*)format, ... @end int toastTimes[] = { 8, 22, 35, 45, 60, 90 }; NSArray *toastDescriptions = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"Warm", @"Light", @"Medium", @"Dark", @"Very dark", @"Burnt", nil]; int level = 3; int secs = toastTimes[level]; NSString *desc = [toastDescriptions objectAtIndex:level]; return [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@ toast will take %d seconds.",desc,secs]; A method with variable arguments must assume the number and type of the parameters in the list. The parameter list doesn t include any type information or end-of-list indicator; it s just a raw sequence of bytes formed when the parameter values were pushed onto the stack. Consequently, the method must either assume the parameter types or infer them using information supplied in the named parameters. The two Cocoa methods shown in Listing 6-10 demonstrate the two most common solutions to this problem. The +arrayWithObjects: method assumes that all of the additional parameters will be object pointers and the list is terminated by a final nil parameter.
.resources file, called Manning.MyPhotoAlbum.PhotoEditDlg.resources, appears in the obj directory under the MyPhotoAlbum project directory, and is included in the final MyPhotoAlbum.dll assembly produced by the compiler. The ResourcesManager class is part of the System.Resources namespace, and loads the .resources file for the given object type, in this case the Manning.MyPhotoAlbum.PhotoEditDlg type, so that the specific resources in this file may be accessed. A specific resource, in these cases our bitmap files, is loaded from the .resources file using the GetObject method. This returns the object corresponding to the given name, which can safely be typecast to the more appropriate Bitmap class. The important points to take away from this discussion are that .resx files are used to encapsulate language-specific objects, and get compiled into .resources files for access by a program. These concepts are the basis for localization support in .NET, permitting the resources required to run a program in the United States to be encapsulated and later converted to run the same program in France, New Zealand, or Botswana with language and cultural requirements taken into account. As long as we re here, take a quick look at the PhotoEditDlg.resx file. Such files use an XML format to encapsulate resource objects, permitting graphical programs such as Visual Studio as well as text editors like Notepad to view and edit their contents. An excerpt of this file, including the btnNext control s image definition, is shown as it appears on my computer. We won t go into the details of XML or the .resx file format here, but it is useful to see how the bitmap for the Next button, named btnNext.Image, is specified. Be careful not to change these entries, as you may adversely affect your program.
To edit the data behind the chart (see Figure 18-2): 1. Double-tap the chart so that it flips around, showing you a data table. Type the data needed to create the chart. Press Done in the upper right corner when finished to see the updated chart.
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