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Integrated QR Code in Objective-C USING SCRIPT OBJECTS

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You can work with arrays as a whole or by using an index value to access each element. AutoCAD uses arrays for 3-D WCS coordinates. Arrays are nothing more than a collection of values treated as a single unit, analogous to a List in Visual LISP .
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CHAPTER 10: Working with Tilemaps
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Being a portable, self-describing set of information, records lend themselves nicely to be used as the result of different commands. The command info for accepts an alias value as a parameter and returns all that file s attributes as a single record. Figure 6-18 shows the attributes of the file Picture 1, which was created by taking a screenshot.
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Tap for Menu.
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While early versions of C++ were implemented by bolting a preprocessor onto the C compiler, C# is designed from the ground up to be a modern, object-oriented language. The fundamental building block of a C# application is the class.
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This chapter covers
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004_helloWorld: Buttons with Graphics
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printf( "myInt =", myInt );
Common role properties Description This is the database object that represents this role. Choices are One, Many, OptionalOne, and OptionalMany.
You edit the publishing schedule by changing Start and Stop publishing dates.
The syntax rules for scripting addition commands is the same as for application-defined commands: they have keyword-based names, they may have a single direct parameter and any number of labeled parameters, and parameters may be optional or required. Unlike scriptable applications, scripting additions can t define their own object models: the only objects they can use are AppleScript values: integers, strings, lists, and so on. This means you won t see scripting additions using object references as their parameters like applications do. You may occasionally meet a scripting addition that uses AppleScript s raw data value class to define its own data types, however. For example, the third-party Satimage scripting addition defines an array of real type that it uses to perform fast mathematical calculations.
Listing 1-37. Using ElementAt to Retrieve the Fifth Element
EmployeeListViewModel vm = new EmployeeListViewModel(); vm.SelectedEmployee = employee; Assert.ReferenceEquals(employee, vm.SelectedEmployee); } [TestMethod] public void EmployeeVacationBonusIsProperlyApplied() { EmployeeViewModel employee = new EmployeeViewModel(); EmployeeListViewModel vm = new EmployeeListViewModel(); vm.SelectedEmployee = employee; employee.VacationHours = 0; employee.HireDate = DateTime.Today.AddYears(-4); vm.AddVacationBonusToSelectedEmployee(); Assert.AreEqual(employee.VacationHours, 10); employee.VacationHours = 0; employee.HireDate = DateTime.Today.AddYears(-8); vm.AddVacationBonusToSelectedEmployee(); Assert.AreEqual(employee.VacationHours, 20); employee.VacationHours = 0; employee.HireDate = DateTime.Today.AddYears(-15); vm.AddVacationBonusToSelectedEmployee(); Assert.AreEqual(employee.VacationHours, 30); employee.VacationHours = 0; employee.HireDate = DateTime.Today.AddYears(-25); vm.AddVacationBonusToSelectedEmployee(); Assert.AreEqual(employee.VacationHours, 40); } }
ADD A MULTILINE TEXTBOX TO THE PHOTOEDITDLG FORM Action 1 Add the Notes label to the PhotoEditDlg form in the PhotoEditDlg.cs [Design] window..
This causes a new instance of the Wiki business object to be instantiated at application scope. We can locate it in the code via the key wiki and store a local reference. The first thing we need to bind is the list of directories on the left side of the browser (listing 11.14). Because we did everything through the designer in chapter 9, we never really looked at the XAML. The ListBox we re referencing here is the All Labels ListBox that we added under the second Expander.
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