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Listing 9.17 Creating XML with an attribute
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should be negligible. However, it may be a constraining factor for low-speed networks, such as 56K dial-up connections. Now, run a few more iterations by increasing the number of connections by a factor of two. When you do this, ACT creates additional threads to simulate concurrent users. ACT may not create as many threads as the number of connections. Instead, it is intelligent enough to adjust the thread pool on an as-needed basis. For example, if the web server doesn t return responses quickly, new threads won t be created. You don t have to plot the throughput graph manually because ACT does this for you. In our case, for the six report requests we scripted, the server throughput graph maxed out with about five simultaneous users, as shown in figure 16.9. Before you jump to quick conclusions, please note that the point of this chapter is not to show how scalable (or not scalable, for that matter) Reporting Services is. Instead, its goal is to teach you how to conduct a comprehensive capacity-planning study to determine whether your particular reporting environment meets the anticipated load. As we ve said, there are many hardware- and software-related factors that will affect the server throughput, so your results may be completely different than ours. Analyzing the throughput graph, we conclude that the results don t meet our performance goal. Specifically, the maximum requests/sec. ratio of 0.7 is less than the benchmark one request/sec. Therefore, we need to identify the source of the performance bottleneck. 16.2.5 Identifying resource constraints We can use the ACT Performance Counters report, shown in figure 16.10, to identify the resource constraints at a high level. 587
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Frame 1: 1/60
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And if we want to re-create it later, we do this:
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Returns specific customer based on ID
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Figure 12-33. The basic choose application dialog box Using the as parameter, you can ask for the result to be returned as an alias to the application, as shown here: choose application as alias --> alias "Macintosh HD:Applications:FileMaker Pro 7:FileMaker Pro.app:" You can also use the with title and with prompt parameters to add a title and a prompt to the dialog box. In Figure 12-33, you can see the default title Choose Application and the default prompt Select an application.
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Specifying a Cancel Button
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Eventually you ll want to deploy the games you re building onto your iOS device. To do so, you must create an iPhone Development Certificate, register your iOS device, and enable it for development. Finally, you ll create Development or Distribution Provisioning Profiles, download them to your computer and set up each Xcode project to use them. Once more, all of these steps are explained on the iPhone Provisioning Portal. Apple has done an excellent job at documenting these steps on the How To tabs of each section of the Provisioning Portal. The iPhone Provisioning Portal is accessible for registered iOS Developers and located at https://developer.apple.com/iphone/manage/overview/ index.action.
Purchasing a Ringtone from the iTunes App
Download at
<Obj RefId = "RefId-0"> <TN RefId = "RefId-0"> <T> System.Collections.Hashtable </T> <T> System.Object </T> </TN> <DCT> <En>
Figure 5 4. Running the web browser application
Moving Between Web Pages when the Back Button Doesn t Work
LINQ s ambition is to make queries a natural part of the programming language. LINQ to SQL, which made its first appearance as DLinq, applies this concept to
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