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SELECT @RecordsUpdated=@@RowCount IF @RecordsUpdated = 1 BEGIN
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Create an iTunes Account
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XML typing if you deploy your Web Part and configure it using the web
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AppController instance, just like we always wanted it to. We can then do whatever
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Element abbreviation Name:
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CHAPTER 25: Troubleshooting
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approach to solving a given problem, whereas WPF may have several solutions for the same task. Though Silverlight doesn t have everything WPF has, Silverlight is an excellent, capable development platform and can cover many types of applications we would ve previously written in Windows Forms, WPF, or even HTML.
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System disk Sales1 (failed) Sales2 (active)
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Rendering, layout, and transforming
To connect to any network listed, just touch the network name. If the network is unsecure (does not have a lock icon), you will be connected automatically.
As an alternative to the Cast operator, you can also use the OfType operator. The difference is that OfType only returns objects from a source collection that are of a certain type. For example, if you have an ArrayList that contains Book and Publisher objects, calling theArrayList.OfType<Book>() returns only the instances of Book from the ArrayList. As time goes by, you re likely to encounter nongeneric collections less and less because generic collections offer type checking and improved performance. But until then, if you want to apply your LINQ expertise to all collections including nongeneric ones, the Cast and OfType operators and explicitly typed from iteration variables are your friends! Querying nongeneric collections was the first common scenario we wanted to show you. We ll now introduce a completely different scenario that consists of grouping query results by composite keys. Although grouping by multiple criteria seems like a pretty simple task, the lack of a dedicated syntax for this in query expressions does not make how to do it obvious.
Building an XBAP
To create this XML we ll need to query data from the database tables shown in figure 11.3. Now that we ve seen the structure of the XML we re trying to produce as well as the schema for the database tables we ll be pulling our data from, let s look at the technique we ll use to accomplish our goal.
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