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Class members often used in MDI applications Class Member type Properties Member name ActiveMdiChild IsMdiChild IsMdiContainer MdiChildren MdiParent Form MergedMenu Description Gets the MDI child window that is currently active. Gets whether the form is an MDI child. Gets whether the form is an MDI container form. Gets the set of MDI children contained by this form as an array of Form objects. Gets or sets the MDI container for this form. If set, then this form is an MDI child form. Gets the MainMenu object representing the current merged menu for an MDI container form. Arranges the MDI children within this form using a given layout style. See section 16.4.1 16.3.2 16.2.1 16.4.3 16.2.2 16.3
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Figure 9.22 ASP.NET to SQL Server
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Displaying and capturing media
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What happens to the extra byte or bytes when a larger type is cast to a smaller type The matching bytes are typecast, and the value of any extra bytes is lost. For example, when a 2-byte int is cast to a 1-byte char, the leftmost byte of the int (the byte with the more significant bits, the bits valued 28 through 215) is dropped, and the rightmost byte (the bits valued 20 through 27) is copied into the char. Consider the following example: int i; char c; i = 500; c = i; The int i has a value of 0x01E4, which is hex for 500. After the second assignment, the char ends up with the value 0xE4, which has a value of 244 if the char was unsigned or 12 if the char is signed.
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CHAPTER 15: Packaging and Distribution
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You can wait for the principal server to recover. If the downtime is unacceptable and service needs to be resumed immediately, attempt to back up the tail of the transaction log on the principal. If this succeeds, mirroring can be removed and the tail of the log restored to the mirror database and brought online.
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TRY IT NOW You ll definitely want to try this, and think hard about it to make
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CHAPTER 3: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
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Figure 4-9. Adding a Custom Object to the NIB Document When this NIB document is loaded at runtime, it will create an instance of ScrapWordsController, just as if your application had executed the statement [ScrapWordsController new]. This is an important concept to grasp. All of the objects in a NIB document represent real objects that will be instantiated when the NIB is loaded. The result is identical to creating new instances of those objects, setting all of their properties, adding them to their container object (for nested objects), and setting references between them. But by using Interface Builder, you save yourself from writing a ton of code.
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<ul> <li><a href="#first">First</a></li> <li><a href="#second">Second</a></li> </ul> <p><a style="height:600px" name="first"/> This is the first content paragraph</p> <p><a style="height:600px" name="second"/> This is the second content paragraph. Put me below the fold.</p>
Because the Report Picker and the samples that follow use the credentials of the interactive user to invoke the RS SOAP API, make sure that the AWReporterWeb application is configured for Integrated Windows security and that Anonymous access is disabled.
Start Visual Studio 2008. Choose Visual C#, Office, and then Word Document from the New Project dialog box, as shown in figure 10.12.
s Note One important difference between MOM 2000 and MOM 2005 is that in MOM 2000, the management console showed which computers had been discovered and were populated in the computer group. In MOM 2005, the discovered servers do not show up in the Administrator Console they are instead displayed in the Operator Console.
var elements = findClass("sprite"), sprites = {}; for (var i = elements.length, offsets = null; i --; ) { sprites[elements[i].id] = []; offsets = [queryCascade(elements[i], "backgroundPositionX"), queryCascade(elements[i], "backgroundPositionY")]; sprites[elements[i].id][0] = offsets.join(" "); sprites[elements[i].id][1] = 1 - parseInt(queryCascade(elements[i], "width")) + "px " + offsets[1]; addListener(elements[i], "mouseover", slideSprite); addListener(elements[i], "mouseout", slideSprite); } function slideSprite() { var e = window.event; if (e.type == "mouseover") { e.srcElement.style.backgroundPosition = sprites[e.srcElement.id][1]; } else { e.srcElement.style.backgroundPosition = sprites[e.srcElement.id][0]; } } } ;
PS (1) > filter double {$_*2} PS (2) > 1..5 | double 2 4 6 8 10
The loop that processes the file is the same as in Word-Length-3, but the code that sets it up is new and improved. The if statement verifies that the user supplied a path name as a launch parameter. The code consults the argc parameter to main(), which holds the number of launch parameters. Because the program name is always passed as a launch parameter, argc is always 1 or greater. If the user doesn t pass a file path, the value of argc is 1, and we have no file to read, so we print an error message and stop the program. If the user was thoughtful and provided a file path, argc is greater than one. We then look in the argv array to see what that file path is. argv[1] contains the filename the user has given us. (In case you re curious, the argv[0] parameter holds the name of the program.) If you re running the program in Terminal, it s easy to specify the name of the file on the command line, like so:
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