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Clicking the Run Report hyperlink triggers a call to the runReport JavaScript function. You start by defining your report request to the Render web method b. We decided it was best to hardcode the report format as XML so that you could save the report s payload as a disk file. To accomplish this, use the FileSystemObject object, which currently doesn t provide the ability to save binary data to a file.
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TIP: If you are setting your iPad down on the desk or holding it in your lap, then you may want to use the Lock switch to lock your view in either vertical or horizontal mode, so it does not keep flipping around. The Lock switch is located just above the volume keys on the upper portion of the right edge of your iPad. See the "Screen Rotation Lock" section of 1 for help.
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Table 10.11 The properties of the DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs structure Description The value of the property after the change has completed The value of the property before the change has completed The DependencyProperty that triggered the change
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from process in Process.GetProcesses() where process.WorkingSet64 > 20*1024*1024 orderby process.WorkingSet64 descending select new { process.Id, Name=process.ProcessName };
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CHAPTER 6: Switch View with Multiple Graphics
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Resources, styles, control templates, and themes
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To export the Album data from the database
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REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS Before running the REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS command, it s worth either making a
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Plain search and introducing tester_sp
VROOM, indeed!
Here are the main features of the LinqBooks application:
Creating templates
Introducing LINQ to XML
Our Hello World example consists of one class and one mapping file. Let s see what a simple persistent class looks like, how the mapping is specified, and some of the things you can do with instances of the persistent class using NHibernate.
5 Gaps and islands
Application Command Control Statements
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