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Integrating QR-Code in Objective-C USING SCRIPT OBJECTS

#if defined(APP_STORE_FINAL) #define MY_ASSERT(STATEMENT) do { (void)sizeof(STATEMENT); } while(0) #else #define MY_ASSERT(STATEMENT) do { assert(STATEMENT); } while(0) #endif
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Table 11.1
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-[NSAffineTransform set] -[NSGraphicsContext setCompositingOperation:]
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The DataForm, like the DataGrid, is extremely powerful when matched up with WCF RIA Services and the DomainDataSource control. The DataForm, in fact, was originally part of WCF RIA Services before it was pulled out and made part of the Silverlight Toolkit. The DataForm is covered in full in chapter 12, so I won t repeat that content here. But you ll use it to provide the update UI for the entities in this application. The right side of the page has been empty so far. You ve been leaving room for the DataForm in that space. This bit of XAML, to be placed right after the DataGrid element and before the DataPager element, will get you set up for a detail view of the selected item in the grid:
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Listing 10.9 The basic syntax of a TabControl
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To get asynchronous downloading, parsing, and saving, the first thing you need to do is make something synchronous. Go figure. The downloading code is using NSURLConnection to download the data asynchronously from Yahoo. NSURLConnection doesn t like to be launched asynchronously from any thread other than the main thread because that would be silly. This isn t a big deal, because you re going to place all downloading, parsing, and saving in a background thread using the NSOperation/NSOperationQueue objects. This has the added benefit of making the downloading code simpler. Instead of asynchronously adding data to an NSMutableData object and defining a bunch of NSURLConnectionDelegate methods, you need only call the NSURLConnection sendSynchronousRequest:returningResponse:error: method. It blocks execution while downloading and can be run from a nonmain thread, which is exactly what you want. Every time you call a delegate method from the background thread, you make sure that the delegate gets called on the main thread. Usually, you would use the performSelectorOnMainThread:... family of calls, but it s easier to wrap them in a block and have the new category on NSThread execute the block on the main thread. Listing 9-3 shows the new blockified fetchIfNeeded method.
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Before you begin
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Alert Tuning
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Understanding Records Shortfalls
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Listing 13.1 The Start-LocalUserManager Function
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Table 17.3 Properties of the FilterDescriptor class Description The value to be used for something like (all), where you don t want any value appended to the filter. If true, the filter is case-sensitive for string values. How this works depends on settings in the data store used by the domain service. A FilterOperator that explains the relationship between PropertyPath and Value. Supported values are shown in table 17.4. The path to the data item to be evaluated against the Value property. This is the property of your entity. The value to use for the filter condition.
Use the ListExtensions SOAP API to populate the drop-down list with export formats.
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