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[ship setPosition:CGPointMake(200, 100)];
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Figure 8.6 You can import existing policies to check SQL instances for compliance based on predefined configuration files.
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Case "Wait" Monitor.Wait(LockObject)
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we have a category, we create a BlogEntry.Category object, add it to a java. util.List, and set the entry s categories property G. If we have content, we create a BlogEntry.Content object and use it to set the entry s content property H. We set the entry s publication date to the current time I and, at last, we are ready to post by calling its save() method J. To verify that a new blog entry was posted, we print the ID returned by the blog server 1) . And finally, we close the try-catch block. If anything went wrong, we throw an Ant BuildException 1! so that Ant s error handler can take over. That s really all there is to posting to a blog from Ant. The rest of the class consists of property setters, one for each attribute of the Ant task, starting with the title attribute 1@ . Now let s move on to the post blog resource task.
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PS (4) > get-item c:\,nosuchfile,c:\,nosuchfile ` >> -ea stop >> Directory: Mode LastWriteTime Length Name --------------------- ---d--hs 6/13/2006 10:12 PM C:\ Get-Item : Command execution stopped because the shell variable "ErrorActionPreference" is set to Stop: Cannot find path 'C:\Doc uments and Settings\brucepay\nosuchfile' because it does not exi st. At line:1 char:9 + get-item <<<< c:\,nosuchfile,c:\,nosuchfile `
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Table 20.6 Element
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rounding as taught in school, on the other hand, will round numbers whose decimal part is .5 away from zero. Here are some examples: round 5.5 rounding as taught in school --> 6 round 4.5 rounding as taught in school --> 5 round 2.5 rounding as taught in school --> 3
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Every time SQL Server restarts using its default settings, a new 8 MB copy of tempdb is created (regardless of the model database s size), and autogrowth is set to 10 percent with unrestricted growth. Other than for the smallest SQL Server instances, 8 MB is rarely large enough, and because of this, tempdb must grow on demand to whatever size is necessary for your SQL Server instance to continue functioning. As you might expect, allowing autogrowth to size tempdb can often be problematic. For example, let s say that the average size for tempdb for a particular SQL Server instance is 1 GB. In this case, when SQL Server is restarted, the initial size of tempdb is 8 MB. Soon thereafter, autogrowth kicks in and grows tempdb 10 percent, over and over again, until it reaches its optimal size of about 1 GB. This can result in autogrowth kicking in at busy times of the day, using up valuable server resources; and delaying transactions from completing because autogrowth has to complete before the transaction can complete. In addition, the use of autogrowth contributes to physical file fragmentation on disk, which can put extra stress on your disk I/O subsystem. Instead of using autogrowth to manage tempdb sizing, use ALTER DATABASE to change the tempdb s MDF and LDF files to their optimal size. This way, when the SQL Server service is restarted, tempdb will be sized correctly right away. Additional performance gains can be achieved if you are using instant file initialization for your SQL Server instance, as this feature can dramatically decrease the time it takes for tempdb to be created when SQL Server is restarted, or when autogrowth events occur. The difficult part is determining the optimal size of tempdb for a particular SQL Server instance. Although Books Online offers a way to estimate the normal size of tempdb, in practice, this is difficult to do. Personally, I start with an initial guess for the size (based on similar servers I am managing) and then watch the tempdb size over time. At some point, you should notice that tempdb is not growing, or that the amount of space you have allocated is not being fully used. Based on this information, I round this number up (the maximum amount of tempdb space actually used) to the nearest GB and use that figure as the optimal size for my tempdb database. This
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This code prints yowza! , because a Car object does indeed respond to the setEngine: message. Now, check out this block of code:
Figure 16.10 Using the ACT Performance Counters report to identify highlevel performance bottlenecks
Listing 1-47. The Intersect Method Used to Retrieve Common Elements in Two Sequences
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