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Of course, in a really long script, having to wade through a lot of debug messages to track down a problem can be time-consuming. Is there a more efficient technique You bet there is!
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foreach (var group in groups) { Console.WriteLine(group.Count() + " book(s) published by " + group.Key); foreach (var title in group) { Console.WriteLine(" - " + title); } }
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On the website, the service s specifications are listed as follows: Method name: getRandomBushism Endpoint URL: http://greg.froh.ca/fun/random_bushism/soap/index.php SOAPAction: urn:RandomBushism#bushism#getRandomBushism Method namespace uniform resource indicator (URI): urn:RandomBushism Input parameters: N/A Output parameters: N/A Return: RandomBushism The AppleScript code for calling that service looks like Script 31-3. Script 31-3. tell application "http://greg.froh.ca/fun/random_bushism/soap/index.php" set the_result to call soap { method name: "getRandomBushism", SOAPAction: "urn:RandomBushism#bushism#getRandomBushism", method namespace uri: "urn:RandomBushism"} end tell display dialog "Bush: " & bushism of the_result display dialog context of the_result Here s another example that converts regular text into Swedish chef dialect, as fans of the Muppets will recognize. First, you look up the technical specification on the XMethods site: Method name: Bork Endpoint URL: http://a3.x-ws.de/cgi-bin/bork/bork.wsdl SOAPAction: #Bork Method namespace URI: SoapInterop Input parameters: Chef (string) Output parameters: Bork (string) As you can see, the Bork SOAP call takes a single parameter, Chef, whose value is a string and returns another string as the result. Here s how the AppleScript code looks once you add this information to it: tell application "http://a3.x-ws.de/cgi-bin/bork/bork.wsdl" call soap { method name:"Bork", SOAPAction:"#Bork", method namespace uri:"SoapInterop", parameters:{Chef:"Swedish meatballs!"}} end tell --> "Svedeesh meetbells! Bork Bork Bork!"
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CHAPTER 15: New Media: Reading Newspapers, Magazines, and More
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Download from Wow! eBook <www.wowebook.com>
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B.3.2 Microsoft Unity
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Microsoft also provides the following information: Request Validation Preventing Script Attacks at http://www.asp.net/ faq/RequestValidation.aspx#2. <pages> Element at http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/ cpgenref/html/gngrfpagessection.asp. Protecting Against Script Exploits in a Web Application at http://msdn. microsoft.com/library/en-us/vbcon/html/vbtskProtectingAgainst ScriptExploitsInWebApplication.asp.
Figure 7.21 You can add management features to your applications, as the RS Catalog Explorer sample demonstrates.
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The use of #define in this section isn t code that will go into your debugging header, but rather it s something to keep in mind. If you end up writing big blocks of debugging code (for example, when logging complex data structures to track down a problem), don t just delete that code when you re done! If you need it again in the future, you ll regret having deleted it. Instead, try using #define to block it out. I make extensive use of this in my code for logging complex data structures or debug rendering. It s quite handy, especially if you need to turn on debugging code in several places in your code at once. If you have a class where you have debug code written in several places, create a #define at the top of your class. Here s an example:
function runReport() { var optional; Prepares the report request var objCall = proxy.createCallOptions(); objCall.funcName = "Render"; objCall.params = new Array(); objCall.params.Report = frmReports.drpReports.value; objCall.params.Format = "XML"; objCall.params.HistoryID = optional; var parameters = frmReports.txtParameter; if (parameters.length>0) Sets the report parameters objCall.params.Parameters = getParameters(parameters)
19.3.3 Defining a ControlTemplate for our control We can define a ControlTemplate as just another resource. The template is going to have two jobs. First, it needs to define where and how to display our two different elements: ElementA and ElementB. Second, it has to contain the definition for how to transition between the elements. To implement multiple effects, we ll end up implementing multiple control templates; each one will contain both things: the where to put stuff instructions and the how to transition instructions. Let s start simply, with a template that makes one control visible and one hidden. Later on, we ll move the resources into a standalone dictionary for easier maintenance; for the moment, we can put them into the resources of the WorldListView xaml file (listing 19.10).
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