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There can be more than one PowerShell session (called a runspace) in a process at the same time. Each of these runspaces can have its own current directory. The process only has a single current directory value. This is covered in the PowerShell SDK documents and in Jim Truher s book Windows PowerShell in Practice, also from Manning Publications.
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Now let s explore the easy way to build Windows Forms applications. We ll use Visual Studio .NET to create a bare-bones GUI for the poker game using the drag-and-drop forms designer. To keep it short, we won t bother with credits, betting, or machine statistics. Instead, we ll just display the cards and a DEAL/DRAW button. Creating a Visual Studio .NET project Launch Visual Studio .NET and select File | New | Project from the main menu. You should be presented with a dialog box which lists the available project templates. Select Visual C# Projects in the left pane, and select Windows Application in the right. Call the project VsWinPok. See figure 7.9. Click OK to create the project. You should see a screen similar to that shown in figure 7.10.
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The given SQL formula is evaluated every time the entity is retrieved from the database. So the database does the calculation rather than the .NET object. The property doesn t have a column attribute (or sub-element) and never appears in a SQL INSERT or UPDATE, only in SELECTs. Formulas may refer to columns of the database table, call SQL functions, and include SQL subselects. This example, mapping a derived property of Item, uses a correlated subselect to calculate the average amount of all bids for an item:
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ReportWizard Returns a reference to the ReportWizard form. Used by the step forms to invoke the Report Wizard s members. Raised by the step forms. The Report Wizard uses this event to configure its UI, e.g., to enable or disable the navigation buttons.
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Start the setup wizard from the installation CD. Once you run Setup, the first screen you will be presented with is the End User License Agreement. Once you review the agreement, select the I Accept The Licensing Terms and Conditions check box, and click Next. Review the required components from the Installing Prerequisites screen and click Install. At this point the SQL Server wizard will scan your computer s configuration. This step may take a few minutes. When it has finished successfully, click Next. On the SQL Server Installation Welcome screen, click Next. The wizard will then do a system configuration check on your computer. If all checks are successful, the setup will continue. Otherwise you will need to fix any listed problems. Click Next. On the Registration Information screen, enter your name and optionally your company. Then enter your 25-character Product Key and click Next.
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Click here to go to the screen to Cancel your account
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Building a multifile assembly
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insertRule(document.getElementById("spriteStyles"), "ul.blue a", "background-image:url(images/green.gif)");
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Setting up security to run DMV queries
Let s now see how we can enhance the ReportViewer control to support server-side report generation. 11.3.2 Using the Adventure Works ReportViewer control Depending on your reporting requirements, the ReportViewer control may not be a good fit because it is subject to the following limitations and restrictions: Direct access to the Report Server may not be an option. ReportViewer doesn t support server-side report generation. ReportViewer relies on the RS HTML Viewer control to handle report parameters. The last limitation presents a problem if you need to report off data available only on the server side of the applications, such as ADO.NET datasets. When report-enabling Internet-oriented applications, what you may need is an enhanced version of ReportViewer that is capable of generating reports entirely on the server side. For this reason, we decided to supercharge the ReportViewer control. Enter the Adventure Works Report Viewer, or AWReportViewer for short. The AWReportViewer design goals The main design goals for the AWReportViewer control are as follows: Support both client-side and server-side report generation We left the client-side report-generation logic the same to make the new version compatible with the ReportViewer implementation. If the server-side option is set, the control renders the report as an HTML fragment if the requested export format is HTML. For export formats different than HTML, the control downloads the report to the client. Expose the control functionality as a set of properties and methods Similar to its cousin the ReportViewer control, AWReportViewer allows the developer to set the report s properties in an object-oriented way during application design time and runtime. Facilitate reporting off application datasets The control has a DataSource property, which the developer can set to an instance of an ADO.NET dataset. For this option, the control relies on the custom dataset data extension that we ll discuss in detail in chapter 15. Implement the control as a web server control This allows developers to drag and drop the control on the page canvas and easily manipulate its position, layout, and report-related properties during design time.
CHAPTER 7: Scrolling with Joy
Let s look at the actual foreach statement in detail now. The <pipeline> part in this example is
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Figure 13 1. iPod soft keys
You can select the pictureBox1 entry from the dropdown list at the top of the Properties window. 11 12 Set the (Name) property to pbxPhoto . Set the BorderStyle property to Fixed3D. Note: The BorderStyle property is displayed as a dropdown list since this property is based on a fixed set of values, in this case those taken from the BorderStyle enumeration.
Authenticating the Local Player
ICommand RoutedCommand RoutedUICommand
1. Launch the SCA (Content Management Server 2002 group). Select the Cache tab, and then click Configure. 2. To set Local Disk Cache Location, type or browse to navigate to a directory. 3. Close the SCA.
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