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Showing dialogs and pop-ups
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Starting the Editor
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Now, your outlet called label points to this label on our interface. If you call any methods on this pointer it will affect the appearance of this particular label.
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In the remainder of this section, we ll look at these properties, methods, and events in more detail, starting with the Print method.
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Structuring and testing with the MVVM/ViewModel pattern
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-EA (-ErrorAction) parameter 244 editors 254 elevated privilege 11 Else block 222 ElseIf block 222 Enable-PSRemoting 109 EnableDHCP method 148 END block 230 Enter-PSSession command 111, 205 206 entering scripts (in ISE) 214 enumerating 145, 150, 225 226, 232 equal sign (=) 294 error message 243 -ErrorAction (-EA) parameter 244 errors accessing last 249 anticipated 242
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Our data layer is complete. We can add individual captions to photographs, and these captions are preserved as the album is saved and opened. Next we turn our attention to the new Form required. 8.3.3 CREATING THE CAPTIONDLG FORM With our data layer ready, we can turn to the presentation layer. This requires the dialog previously shown in figure 8.5. In this section we create a new Form class to hold the dialog, and look at what settings should be set to turn the default form into a standard dialog box. In the next section we will add some properties to this class so that our MainForm class can interact with the dialog. In previous Windows development environments, an explicit class such as CDialog created a dialog box directly. It would certainly be possible to create a FormDialog class in .NET derived from the Form class for this purpose, and perhaps Microsoft will do so in the future. Until this happens, you will have to create your own dialog class or modify each dialog form separately to have dialog box behavior. The following table summarizes the properties required to turn the default Form into a somewhat standard dialog box.
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} Let s see whether findIndex() works as planned. Refresh Firefox to revert the sprite to blue. Then pass in "a#adidas" for selector, and click Run. Since that is the tenth rule in eight.css, the return value ought to be 9 because JavaScript numbers them beginning with 0. Verify your work with Figure 8 10. function findIndex(element, selector) { var sheet = element.sheet || element.styleSheet; var rules = sheet.cssRules || sheet.rules; selector = selector.toLowerCase() for (var i = rules.length - 1; i > -1; i --) { if (rules[i].selectorText && rules[i].selectorText.toLowerCase() === selector) { return i; } } } findIndex(document.getElementById("spriteStyles"), "a#adidas"); // 9
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# Gets index.html from the URL wget http://www.site-o-interest.org # Gets the specified file from site over ftp wget ftp://ftp.site-o-interest.org/file-to-get # Recursively get files from the site, saving to /tmp wget r P/tmp http://www.site-o-interest.org # Get files from the sites listed in url-file wget -i url-file
In this chapter, we explored inheriting members by way of classical, prototypal, deep copy, and mixin implementations. However, more often than not, it s methods, which is to say functions, that are inherited. We ll cover that and other function essentials in 6. Have a well-deserved scoop or two of your favorite ice cream, and I ll see you there.
}; ObjectDumper.Write(books); } } }
1. To begin, open Xcode, and create a new project. 2. Select View-based Application, as shown in Figure 3-7.
SharePoint Service Locator
Typemock Isolator was introduced in chapter 5, and it s the only commercial-grade isolation framework (which means it allows stubs and mocks) of the frameworks currently on the market. It s also different from the other frameworks in that it s the only one that allows you to create stubs and mocks of dependencies in production code without needing to refactor it at all, saving valuable time in bringing a component under test.
Defines add function
You can use the acceleration parameter to determine the acceleration in any of the three directions.
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