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NSInvocationOperation is one of my favorite classes that is available in the Foundation framework. It simply takes one of the selectors and encapsulates the instructions within to run in a threaded environment. And although it s not a true concurrent operation, you have the full benefit of freeing your GUI thread from getting locked because of the work that s going on in the invocation. This gives the user greater feedback in the application and allows them to either continue writing more messages or view their queue.
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With OS 10.5 (Leopard), NSObject gained an additional method called performSelectorInBackground: withObject:. This method makes it great for developers to spawn a new thread with the selector and arguments provided. You will notice, if you look at the threading APIs, that this method is just about the same as NSThread class method + detachNewThreadSelector with the added benefit that with the NSObject method, you no longer have to specify a target. Instead, you are calling the method on the intended target. When you call performSelectorInBackground: withObject:, you are essentially spawning a new thread that immediately starts executing the method in your class. This convenience method puts your application into multithreaded mode. Let s implement the code when a user clicks a Start Counting button; see Listing 3-3. Go ahead and implement the code for the remaining Start Counting buttons as well.
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Configuring Planet Tool
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One of the great things with Web Part connections is that end users can make the connections themselves. They can use the SharePoint web interface or use a rich client application such as SharePoint Designer. Web Part connections in the SharePoint interface are designed to be easy to use and configure. Connected Web Parts can be used in many different scenarios. Let s return to our earlier example in which you have a list of orders in one Web Part and a second Web Part that shows the details of a specific order. By connecting your Web Parts, you build a dynamic interface. You can have even more Web Parts involved in your connections. In this example, you could connect to another Web Part that shows customer details so that when a user selects an order both the details of the order and information about the customer are shown.
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Document each database change, including details such as the date and time of the action, the location of the script, who performed the change, change output or log files, and so forth, and where possible, have undo scripts for each change. Use database backups or snapshots before significant changes if undo scripts aren t feasible. Unless the organization has invested in infrastructure capable of achieving five nines (99.999%) availability, it s crucial that planned outages be scheduled on a regular basis in order to manage user (and management) expectations and plan for critical maintenance operations such as service pack upgrades. Consider combining high-availability solutions to minimize the limitations of each. For example, use clustering to protect instances and databases as a group together with mirroring or log shipping critical databases offsite for geographical protection. Use an independent monitoring instance in a log shipping configuration that is, don t use the primary or secondary instance as the monitor. If using transaction log shipping on a cluster, set up the file share for the transaction logs as a clustered resource. This will ensure the file share survives a cluster node failover, enabling log shipping to continue running. The default mirroring configuration is high safety with automatic failover (if a witness server is included). Prior to production implementation, simulate various network latencies in a test lab to measure the impact on transaction performance and the chances of unwanted failovers. Starting with high performance (asynchronous) mirroring is perhaps the best approach until the environmentspecific nuances of mirroring are well understood. Allow plenty of free disk space for transaction logs; in situations where the mirror database is unavailable, transactions can t be removed from the principal s transaction log until delivered to the mirror. Like a clustering implementation, ensure both mirroring partners are configured identically (hardware capacity, SQL Server edition and version, collation, and so forth), and make sure the additional load from a failover condition can be handled by the mirror partner. To enable applications to continue working after a mirroring failover, create the same logins on both the principal and mirror instance and use the same SID values (via the SID = clause of the create login statement). Avoid using a witness instance for high performance (asynchronous) mirroring. Unlike high-safety (synchronous) mirroring, the witness instance can t initiate automatic failure in high-performance mode, which means the major benefit of using a witness is unavailable. On the downside, a witness can introduce a false positive, whereby the database is taken offline if the principal loses network contact with the mirror and witness. In essence, you get no benefit while keeping the downside.
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When input comes from the pipeline, the shell will enumerate through the objects automatically, allowing you to work with one at a time. That s what listing 21.1 did. You can pass those objects, as they re processed, to the worker function. When input comes from a parameter, you may have either one object or many objects, but the PROCESS script block will only execute once regardless. So you ll have to manually enumerate, or unwind, the parameter so that you can get to each object, one at a time.
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Load Balancer
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The GKMatchmakerViewControllerDelegate protocol requires three methods to be implemented: one for the player pressing the Cancel button, one for failing with an error, and one for finding a suitable match. The latter deserves a mention:
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We come now to the final component of Resource Governor, the resource pool, created using the T-SQL command shown below. As you can see, the command is fairly simple, with arguments for min and max values for CPU and memory, the two resources under our control in SQL Server 2008.
A physics engine can be seen as an animation system for game objects. Of course, it s up to the game developer to connect and synchronize game objects like sprites with the physics objects, called rigid bodies. They are called that because physics engines animate them as if they were stiff, nondeformable objects. This simplification allows physics engines to calculate a large number of bodies. There are generally two types of bodies: dynamic (moving) and static (immovable) objects. The differentiation is important because static bodies never move and should never be moved and the physics engine can rely on certain optimizations based on the fact that static bodies never collide with each other. Dynamic bodies, on the other hand, collide with each other and with static bodies. They also have at least three defining parameters in addition to their position and rotation. One is density or mass in other words, a measure of how heavy an object is. Then there is friction how resistant or slippery the dynamic body is with respect to moving over surfaces. Finally, there is restitution, which determines the bounciness of the object. While impossible in the real world, physics engines can create dynamic bodies
Querying the DMV
The Report Manager is configured to use Windows-based authentication to authenticate users. In addition, it is configured by default to impersonate the user, as you can see by examining the <identity> element in the web.config configuration file. As a result, all requests to the Report Web Server for both report rendering and management go out under the identity of the Windows user. The Report Manager web application To access the Report Manager portal, enter its URL address in a browser, which by default is http://<servername>/reports, where <servername> is the name of the computer where the Report Manager is installed. Figure 7.2 shows the Contents tab of Report Manager Home page. Your Contents tab may differ from mine, depending on what custom folders you have created below the Home folder and if the My Reports feature has been enabled (see section 7.1.2). Users familiar with Microsoft SharePoint will find the Report Manager look and feel similar. The UI interface is very intuitive, so I won t spend much time discussing each individual page. Instead, I will focus on a few topics that warrant more explanation. If you need more information about working with the Report Manager, please consult the Reporting Services documentation. Using the Report Manager for report delivery The Report Manager can be used as a quick-and-easy report delivery tool. Organizations that cannot afford or don t need customized reporting applications will appreciate this option. To render a report using the Report Manager, navigate through the folder structure and click the Report link. Behind the scenes, report rendering is accomplished through client-side URL (HTTP-GET) requests to the Report Server. To accomplish all tasks
Contents of the User domain (continued) Name Description User image files Shared items enabled through the System Preference sharing option User bookmarks for web sites and the user s web site Private user programs
Note: We could elect to use this menu under its previous name. This could prove confusing in the future, so we instead rename the control in line with its new purpose. 4 5 Rename the Click event for this menu to menuPhotoProp_Click. Replace the old handler with an implementation to display the PhotoEditDlg form. Note: The old handler was called menuCaption_Click.
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