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<property name="Title" type="string"> Task Count Web Part </property> <property name="ExportMode" type="exportmode"> None </property>
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Figure 2-4. Copy the Launcher application to your local hard drive.
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XML -RPC is a web services protocol for making remote procedure calls. It works by sending and receiving XML files via HTTP. XML -RPC is versatile because client libraries exist for both Java and C#.
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private void startOverHandler(object sender, EventArgs e) { // user selected "Start Over" from the File menu... newGame(); }
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firstPress: LINQ to Objects
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Figure 6-2. The isOdd program steps through each number from 1 to 20, reporting whether the number is even or odd and whether the number is a multiple of 3.
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User user = new User(); user.UserId = new UserId("john", 42); user.Firstname = "John"; user.Lastname = "Doe"; session.SaveOrUpdate(user); // will save, since version is 0 session.Flush();
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Server name 30 server-side generated 360 hyperlinks 363 server-side report generation 358 ServerXMLHTTP 344 component 344 service-oriented 13 service-oriented architecture 13,
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NSOperation, NSOperationQueue, and Blocks
IQuery q = session.CreateQuery("from Comment c where c.Rating = :rating"); q.SetParameter("rating", Rating.Low, NHibernateUtil.Enum(typeof(Rating));
months (or years!). While the backup may appear to have succeeded, how can you be sure until you actually restore it In this chapter, we begin with an overview of the various types of backups that can be performed with SQL Server before we look at database recovery models. We then move on to cover online piecemeal restores, expanding on the previous chapter s coverage of filegroups. We then explore the benefits of database snapshots, and we conclude with a new backup feature introduced in SQL Server 2008: backup compression.
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