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At this point, you may ask, Why do we need data regions at all, when we can place report items directly onto the report The short answer is flexibility. The next section should make this clear. Data region advantages The advantages of using data regions are as follows: They can be used as supercharged subreports, as we explain next. They can be placed side by side and draw data from separate datasets. Reports can vary greatly in their layout and complexity. A very simple report might need to display the data in a tabular format only. A more complicated report, however, may include different sections, each of which might be rendered in a different way. Those of you familiar with Microsoft Access know that complex reports need to be broken into subreports. We will discuss subreports in more detail in section 4.6. With RS, you will find that in most cases you don t need subreports. Instead, you can use individual data regions. This is possible because the data regions can be nested inside other data regions, as we will see shortly in this chapter. In addition, you can place a data region anywhere you want inside the report body. You can also position data regions side by side, and each of them can have its own datasets and be independent from the others. For example, you can place a chart and table region side by side. The chart region can display the company sales per territory in chart format, while the table region can provide a breakdown per product and territory. Another example where side-by-side data regions could be useful is in a multisection report. For example, imagine that you need to author a sophisticated report that includes a few sections. Based on some business rules, the report may not show certain sections. One way to achieve this requirement would be to break down the report data in sections and implement each section as a separate data region. Then, you could programmatically hide the sections during the report runtime using expressions. Binding data regions to report datasets In order for the data regions to display data they must be associated with a dataset. You don t have to manually bind a data region to a dataset. Once you drag and drop a dataset field to the data region, the Report Designer links that region to the dataset, as you can see by inspecting the DataSetName property of the region. You can also manually associate a region to a dataset. This could be useful, for example, if you change the dataset name. You can customize the message that is displayed inside a data region if the underlying dataset has no rows by using the NoRows property, which every data region has. The default setting is an empty string. For example, if the report query results in no rows, you can let the user know by setting the NoRows property to No Data to Display. 108
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737 BounceEase class 661 bouncing ball animation 655 browser cache 129, 136 connection count limit 341 Internet Explorer 8 341 journals 384 limitations 341 342 name 82 navigating 81 navigation 383 386 networking API 342 plug-in 74 properties 82 redirecting 81 security 128 browser journals 384 controlling 406 BrowserHttp property 355 BrowserInformation property 82 BrowserVersion property 82 Brush 516, 524 531 Background property 187 color changing animation 649 coordinate space 526 Foreground property 211 brushes 524 531 on Canvas 531 color animation 641 Fill 516 ImageBrush 529 LinearGradientBrush 526 528 RadialGradientBrush 528 529 SolidColorBrush 525 Stroke 516 on TextBlock 531 on TextBox 531 VideoBrush 530 bubbling 31 buddy class 493 buffering progress 577 Buffering state 579 BufferingProgress property 577, 583 BufferingProgressChanged event 577, 583 BufferingTime property 577 build actions 679 680 Resource 680 buildPromptHTML 61
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Book biggestBook = dataContext.Books.Where(book => book.Title.Length > 0) .MaxElement(book => book.PageCount); lnkBiggestBook.Text = biggestBook.Title; lnkBiggestBook.NavigateUrl = "~/Book.aspx ID=" + biggestBook.ID; lblPageCount.Text = biggestBook.PageCount.ToString();
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3. Set up windows: For many scripts, the main window, provided by default, is all you will need (see Figure 13-14). Open the main window by double-clicking its entry in the Project dialog box. Define its properties in the Info palette provided. (If the Info palette is not open, you can open it from the Windows menu or press Cmd+I.) You can add more windows (or panels) as needed.
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Once you have the data source connection all set, it is time to craft the dataset(s) that the report will use.
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All of these Web Parts (except the Business Data Connectivity and PerformancePoint filter Web Parts) are defined in the Microsoft.Office.Server.FilterControls.dll assembly, which is installed in the global assembly cache in a SharePoint Server installation.
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Getting and Setting Support Path(s)
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scalability characteristics of RS and determine hardware and software requirements needed to support planned deployments.
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In the real world you will rarely know the user s password. If you don t need the user s permission set but only want to see the user s roles, then you can use the approach suggested by Tudor Trufinesco, a Microsoft engineer from the RS team. You can use an account with Admin rights to call GetPolicies on all the items in the catalog and find out which ones are not inherited. Then you can display or parse the XML policy in the report.
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Listing 10.10 Customizing the header of a TabItem
Overrides prerendering logic
To change the color of the highlight, do the following: 1. 2. 3. Touch and hold the highlighted word. Choose Colors from the menu. Choose a new color (see Figure 14 3).
LLBLGen Pro, object-relational mapper http://llblgen.com
Take a look at Figure 8-6. This figure represents the text string "Hello, world!", as it exists in memory. The string is stored as a sequence of 14 consecutive bytes. The first 13 bytes consist of the 13 ASCII characters in "Hello, world!". Note that the seventh byte contains a space (on an ASCII-centric computer, that translates to a value of 32).
The entry point into the Silverlight application is the App object. This object is defined in the App.xaml and App.xaml.cs files and derives from the System.Windows. Application type. This type allows you to interact with the three events affecting the application s lifecycle the start of the application, the unhandled errors in the application, and the exit of the application. In addition to these events, you can also read the settings of the hosting plug-in.
It is easy to locate an action if you enter the action s name or part of it in the Search Actions search field at the top-left corner of the Automator window.
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