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There are times that performance is the only concern. In cases when the highest performance is the goal and the ThreadPool class is involved, the unsafe methods should be used. UnsafeQueueUserWorkItem performs the same function as QueueUserWorkItem except that it does not ensure the same level of security (listing 10.6). The same is true of UnsafeRegisterWaitForSingleObject. The unsafe methods are faster because they are doing slightly less than their safe counterparts. First we will review security in .NET, in particular the evidence approach of determining the level of trust for code.
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Checked Conversions
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name="__VIEWSTATE" value="dDwt ... <span>What's Your First Name </span> <input name="firstNameTextBox" type="text" id="firstNameTextBox" /> <input type="submit" name="greetButton" value="Greet" id="greetButton" /> <p> <span id="greetingLabel"></span> </p> </form> </body> </html>
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The FieldToUrlTransformer class inherits from WebPartTransformer and the IUrlConnection interface is marked with the WebPartTransformer attribute. This attribute defines which connection type the transformer can transform from and which connection type the transformation results in. To transform the interfaces, the Transform method must be overridden; in this case it stores the from provider in the local variable. The Url method of the IUrlConnection interface uses the provider callback
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Creating an application definition file
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The most important mitigation for this type of attack is to not include the current directory in your command search path. This is the default in PowerShell. This guards against the situation where you cd into an untrusted user s directory and then execute what you think is a trusted system command such as ipconfig.exe. If we execute commands out of the current directory and the user had placed a Trojan ipconfig.exe command in this directory, their command would execute with all of the privileges we have as a user. This is, shall we say, not a good thing. In general, it s best to leave the current path out of $ENV:PATH. There is one other thing to consider in this situation. The cmd.exe interpreter does execute out of the current directory so if you run a .cmd script from PowerShell in an untrusted directory, there is a risk that the batch file could be compromised by Trojan programs.
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ALTER FULLTEXT INDEX ON Production.ProductDescription DISABLE; ALTER FULLTEXT INDEX ON Production.ProductDescription ENABLE;
SSIS expressions and SQL injection attacks
Cizer also offers another product, called Report Builder, that is a report designing tool, similar to the VS.NET Report Designer. It is also web-based and requires no client installation. Check out the Resources section for the URL to Cizer s home page. 2.4.2 Hitachi s RDL Generator Another tool that you may find interesting is the Hitachi s RDL Generator. It is a conversion tool that processes existing Crystal Reports (.rpt) formats and converts them to RDL. RDL Generator sponsors a simple WinForm interface that allows the user to specify the location of the Crystal report file. Then, it parses the report, generates the RS report definition and outputs it in the Preview pane. Once you have the report definition, you can save it as a file and upload it to the report catalog. See the Resources section for the URL to this tool.
Implement a ctxtPhotoCal_MenuClick method to handle any context menu selection and display the associated Photo Properties dialog.
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