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To transform a class into a component, you ll often need some additional information, such as how to persist a class to disk or how transactions should be handled. The traditional approach is to write the information in a separate file and then combine it with the source code to create a component. The problem with this approach is that information is duplicated in multiple places. It s cumbersome and error-prone, and it means you don t have the whole component unless you have both files.5 The .NET runtime supports custom attributes (known simply as attributes in C#), which are a way to place descriptive information in the metadata along with an object and then retrieve the data later. Attributes provide a general mechanism for doing this, and they re used heavily throughout the runtime to store information that modifies how the runtime uses the class. Attributes are fully extensible, and this allows programmers to define attributes and use them.
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Mac OS supports networking through AppleTalk, MacTCP, and the Open Transport API. AppleTalk enables computers connected on an AppleTalk network to communicate by sending and receiving data with one another. The AppleTalk protocol stack, like TCP, is arranged in a hierarchy that is similar to the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model. MacTCP is an implementation of the TCP protocol stack for the Macintosh. Both AppleTalk and MacTCP export an API so clients can access their services. Open Transport supplants, and supports, both AppleTalk and MacTCP by providing a single set of routines offering transport independence. Effectively, you use the Open Transport API to access the underlying protocol TCP, UDP, AppleTalk, or another protocol. UNIX primarily supports network-based communication through BSD sockets and the TCP, UDP, and IP protocols. The Macintosh does not support the BSD socket interface; instead, it uses platform-specific Open Transport.
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PS (1) > $string = qs This is a PS (2) > $string This is a string PS (3) > string
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The result printed to the console includes everything we expect:
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Take and organize your notes in a whole new way.
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Structuring and testing with the MVVM/ViewModel pattern
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MOM Inventory is used to collect all information about a MOM infrastructure into a single .cab file. This can then be sent to Microsoft support to assist them in troubleshooting the issue. If you are familiar with reading MOM log files, you can use the tool to gather all the files into a single location.
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Spanning cells Occasionally, you run into situations where you need to allow content to span multiple cells. You saw this in section 7.3.1, where we had a heading that demanded this functionality. As you saw then to accomplish this, you need to use the ColumnSpan attached property. The ColumnSpan attached property empowers you to spread content across several cells horizontally. By default, this integer value is set to 1, meaning that the content can occupy a single column. If this value is larger than the number of columns available in the row, the content extends to the end of the row but not beyond it. In addition to the ability to span horizontally, you can span vertically with RowSpan, which works just like ColumnSpan:
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Figure 4.12 This tabular report has visible-on-demand groups that can be expanded by clicking the plus sign next to them.
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likely happen. By using the volatile statement you re telling the compiler that this variable s value may change in an unforeseen way. This keeps the compiler from optimizing instructions that access the variable.
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<Canvas x:Name="myCanvas" Height="20" Width="50"> <Line Stroke="Black" X1="10" Y1="10" X2="30" Y2="30" /> </Canvas>
Both the @synchronized directive and the family of NSLock classes are easy to use and efficient, but being really fast is not one of their benefits. The operating system provides a very special kind of mutex semaphore for high-performance thread synchronization called a spin lock. All of the mutex semaphores discussed so far suspend the thread if the lock can t be acquired. Suspending, switching, and resuming a thread is an expensive operation. If a heavily used method is acquiring and releasing a lock to accomplish some trivial task, the overheard of the semaphore and any associated thread switching can become a significant performance drain. When a spin lock can t be acquired (because some other thread has locked it), the thread spins continuously polling the status of the semaphore until it is unlocked. The thread is not suspended and continues to run at full speed, using CPU resources at the expense of other threads. If this sounds like a horrific waste of resources, it is. The advantage of spin locks is that time required to acquire and release an uncontested lock is minuscule compared to the high-level mutex semaphores. So the nominal, uncontested case runs much faster and the performance gain ultimately exceeds the performance loss of the occasional contest.
STEP 5 DELETE NONCLUSTERED INDEX DEFINITIONS Once connected through the DAC, delete existing nonclustered index definitions
CREATE TABLE StateTaxRates(StateCode char(2) NOT NULL, StartDate datetime NOT NULL, EndDate datetime, TaxRate decimal(4,4) NOT NULL) GO INSERT INSERT INSERT INSERT StateTaxRates StateTaxRates StateTaxRates StateTaxRates VALUES('NJ','20010101','20070101',.07) VALUES('NJ','20070102',NULL,.08) VALUES('CA','20010101','20080101',.0825) VALUES('CA','20080102',NULL,0.09)
This section covers some questions I ve come across in various places. They usually arise from the premise that implementing unit testing can hurt someone personally a manager looking out for his deadlines or a QA employee looking out for her relevancy. Once you understand where a question is coming from, it s important to address the issue, directly or indirectly. Otherwise, there will always be subtle resistance.
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