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Listing 19.5 Rerooting an element into a printer-specific root
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int main (int argc, const char * argv[]) { NSAutoreleasePool *pool; pool = [[NSAutoreleasePool alloc] init]; Car *car = [[Car alloc] init]; car.name = @"Herbie"; int i; for (i = 0; i < 4; i++) { AllWeatherRadial *tire; tire = [[AllWeatherRadial alloc] init]; [car setTire: tire atIndex: i]; [tire release]; } Slant6 *engine = [[Slant6 alloc] init];
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Figure 4-8. Calling the superclass method
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NOTE: Keeping the Location Services switch ON will reduce battery life by a small amount. If you never use Maps or care about your location, set it to OFF to save your battery life.
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There is still more to know about hashtables and how they work with operators, but we ll cover that in chapters 4 and 5. For now, we ll move on to the next data type. 3.2.4 Collections: arrays and sequences In the previous section, we talked about hashtables and hash literals. Now let s talk about the PowerShell syntax for arrays and array literals. Most programming languages have some kind of array literal notation similar to the PowerShell hash literal notation, where there is a beginning character sequence followed by a list of values, followed by a closing character sequence. Here s how array literals are defined in PowerShell: They re not. There is no array literal notation in PowerShell. Yes, you read that correctly. There is no array literal notation in PowerShell. So how exactly does this work How do you define an inline array in a PowerShell script Here s how to do it: instead of having array literals, there is a set of operations that create collections as needed. In fact, collections of objects are created and discarded transparently throughout PowerShell. If you need an array, one will be created for you. If you need a singleton (or scalar) value, the collection will be unwrapped as needed. Collecting pipeline output as an array The most common operation resulting in an array in PowerShell is collecting the output from a pipeline. When you run a pipeline that emits a sequence of objects and assign that output to a variable, it automatically collects the elements into an array, specifically into a .NET object of type [object[]]. But what about building a simple array in an expression The simplest way to do this is to use the comma operator ( , ). For example, at the command line, type
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CHAPTER 30: Your iTunes User Guide
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Next, we wrote an integration test that showed that, once the component was reading the file, it contained no attribute in memory with the name we were trying to add. We proved that the feature was missing, and we now had a test that would pass once we added the new attribute to the XML file and correctly wrote to it from the component. Once we wrote the code that saved and loaded the extra attribute, we ran the three integration tests (two tests for the original base implementation, and a new one that tried to read the new attribute). All three passed, so we knew that we hadn t broken existing functionality while adding the new functionality. As you can see, the process is relatively simple:
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By allowing us to easily load XML data from a web service and mix that data with data from a LINQ to SQL query, LINQ to XML provides a powerful method for creating XML content. Let s look at the technique we ll use for creating our desired result.
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Custom Tab-Bar: einSwitch_003 Video: http://www.rorylewis.com/docs/02_iPad_iPhone/06_iphone_ Movies/008_einSwitch_003.htm Correct Code: http://www.rorylewis.com/xCode006c_enswitch03.zip
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Note Kerberos is an encrypted network authentication protocol (RFC 1510) that uses a
XMLSetParserCallback (parser, elementCallback, walker);
As we ve discussed before, besides throughput, there are other important performance metrics to consider. Table 16.3 lists all performance goals for the Adventure Works scenario.
$object }
// add to "@interface VillainTrackerAppDelegate (privateMethods)" section: + (NSArray *)powers; // add to "@implementation VillainTrackerAppDelegate (privateMethods)" section: + (NSArray *)powers { static NSArray *powers = nil; if (!powers) { powers = [[NSArray alloc] initWithObjects:@"Strength", @"Intellect", @"Psionics", @"Imperviousness", @"Speed", @"Stealth", @"Fighting ability", @"Time control", @"Cosmic consciousness", @"Size", @"Special weapon attack", @"Leadership", nil]; } return powers; }
Calculated field
{ $x.Location.Y + $x.Size.Height + $offset } function TopEdge ($x) { $x.Location.Y }
Figure 2-2. Once you re logged in to the Mac Dev Center site, find the link to the Xcode download page.
C HA P T E R 1 s A R C H I T E C T U R E
Solid-state disks
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