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The custom action will fire when it s selected, and will then take you to your new web part page and display the web part ready for editing. See figure 11.3. You should now be able to read and write back to the LOB system via these custom web parts. It s possible to do all of this without writing any code by using our product, BDC Meta Man.
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interest quickly. RS solves this issue elegantly by allowing report authors to implement document maps with links to report areas. What is a document map Similar to a book s table of contents, report document maps present an outline of the report data. In the previous example, the product catalog map could organize the product data in categories, subcategories, and products for faster navigation. By the way, this is exactly what the Product Catalog report, which is included in the Reporting Services samples, does. Let s look at an example to showcase the advantages of using document maps. We assume that the AWC management would like to see the company sales quarterly performance for a given period broken out by sales territory and store. Because a sales territory could potentially include many stores, the management has requested that we implement some sort of navigational feature that enables users to find a particular store easily. There are at least two possible implementation approaches: Pass the store name as a parameter. However, this implementation would require regenerating the report for each store needed. Create a document map to organize the sales data in territories and stores. Figure 5.17 shows the Territory Sales by Store with Map report, which includes a data map for easier navigation.
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Figure 3.8 We inherit from the class under test so we can override its virtual factory method and return whatever object instance we want, as long as it implements IExtensionManager. Then we perform our tests against the newly derived class.
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IIS 6 Worker Process Isolation Mode
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As we can see, we don t have many attributes by which we can filter our books, so we ll stick to filtering the books by looking for Windows Presentation Foundation in the title. Listing 10.18 loads the XML from Amazon.com and filters the list of books using the where query expression clause.
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if (req.status === 200 || req.status === 304) { var domTree = req.responseXML; var elements = domTree.getElementsByTagName("shoe"); var div, ul = createElem("ul", {className: "slide"}), li; for (var i = 0, j = elements.length; i < j; i ++) { li = createElem("li", null, [ createElem("a", {href: elements[i].getElementsByTagName("href")[0].firstChild.data}, [ createElem("img", {src: elements[i].getElementsByTagName("src")[0].firstChild.data, alt: elements[i].getElementsByTagName("alt")[0].firstChild.data})])]); ul.appendChild(li); } div = createElem("div", {className: "scroller", id: "s3"}, [ createElem("div", {className: "wrapper"}, [ul]), createElem("div", {className: "left arrow sprite"}), createElem("div", {className: "right arrow sprite"})]); document.body.appendChild(div); } prep(); } Okeydokey, save ten.js, and reload ten.html in Firefox, comparing its display to Figure 10 4:
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For example, the Nib file for a Cocoa program not only contains its user interface components (menus, windows, and so on), but also encodes and stores information about each object and the relationship between these objects within the object hierarchy. The runtime system decodes this information when the program is loaded. Let s look at the contents of a Nib file using a command-line program called nibtool. The nibtool program lets you display different information from a Nib file through its command-line options. For example, the c option displays the local classes in a Nib file, -j outputs the setting for the objects, and x prints connections between the objects. To experiment with this program, open a shell and change to a directory that holds a Nib file (usually under a project s English.lproj directory). Listing 3.4 shows the condensed output of a nibtool command.
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Figure 6.2 The SQL Server Configuration Manager is used to enable and disable network protocols.
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You should end up with the Document Information panel opened up in InfoPath, as in figure 5.12.
ALTER PROCEDURE dkSelectFromTVP(@TVParam MyTbl) AS SET NOCOUNT ON UPDATE @TVParam SET String=String + ' Rocks!' WHERE String <> 'Anchorage' SELECT * FROM @TVParam GO
-- Measure the size and execution time of various compression settings TRUNCATE TABLE [Sales].[SalesOrder_Detail_Copy]; GO ALTER TABLE [Sales].[SalesOrder_Detail_Copy] REBUILD WITH (DATA_COMPRESSION = PAGE) -- repeat for ROW, NONE GO INSERT [Sales].[SalesOrder_Detail_Copy] SELECT * FROM [Sales].[SalesOrder_Detail]; GO
Gravity mode lets particles fly toward or away from a center point. Its strength is that it allows very dynamic, organic effects. You can set gravity mode with this line:
The template test class pattern creates an abstract class that contains abstract test methods that derived classes will have to implement. The driving force behind this pattern is the need to be able to dictate to deriving classes which tests they should always implement. It s commonly used when there s a need to create one or more test classes for a set of classes that implement the same interface. Think of an interface as a behavior contract where the same end behavior is expected from all who have the contract, but they can achieve the end result in different ways. An example of such a behavior contract could be a set of parsers all implementing parse methods that act the same way but on different input types. Developers often neglect or forget to write all the required tests for a specific case. Having a base class for each set of identically interfaced classes can help create a basic test contract that all developers must implement in derived test classes.
Figure 4 6. You ll see this dialog whenever you add resource files. In most cases you should use these default settings.
TIP: Sometimes you want to get remove or block Skype contacts. You might want to do this if someone is annoying you or spamming you. To remove or block contacts you tapping their contact name in your list. Then, tap the settings icon (upper right corner) and select either Remove from Contacts or Block.
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