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Use loop structures to execute a series of statements repeatedly. Loops execute based on conditions. Depending on their structure, they can stop executing at their beginning or end.
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Follow these steps to preview the movie: 1. Slide the timeline at the bottom to the beginning, and then touch the Play
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How about the weather for the next few days in your city, or any city in the world Use the Weather app.
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Figure 10-12. For now, do not enter a password on this screen; just click OK.
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Cloud 9: the future of the cloud
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13.7.2 LINQ to XSD, the typed LINQ to XML
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Import Enables you to import your own images. Compose Lets you lay out how the images should appear. Export Determines where the result will be stored.
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while ($i -lt 100) { echo i is $i $i += 1 }
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SELECT [Name], ProductNumber, [Description] FROM [Production].[Product] p , [Production].[ProductDescription] pd , [Production].[ProductModelProductDescriptionCulture] pmpdc WHERE p.ProductModelID = pmpdc.ProductModelID AND pmpdc.ProductDescriptionID = pd.ProductDescriptionID AND CONTAINS(pd.[Description], 'FORMSOF(THESAURUS, light)' );
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The entire path expression is wrapped in parentheses in this example, and a numeric predicate of [1] is used on the entire path expression. This ensures that only a single scalar value is returned. The .value() method will not accept any path expression that isn t guaranteed, during the pre-execution static analysis phase of processing, to return a single scalar value.
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Classifying cloud layers: different types for different uses
Grouping the table region data Let s define two groups: grpEmployee and grpProductSubcategory. If you are looking at the finished report in the source code, you can view the group definitions by clicking anywhere within the table region, selecting the group selector located on the left row handle, and choosing Edit Group from the context menu. Alternatively, to get to the Group tab of the Table Properties dialog box, follow these steps: Step 1 Once the table is selected, click on the table selector square (the top leftmost square). At this point, the table selection border changes, as shown in figure 4.12. This puts the table region in Edit mode, so you can resize it or drag it to a new location. Step 2 Now, you can right-click anywhere on the border and choose Properties to view the table region properties. Step 3 Select the Group tab in the Table Properties dialog box, as shown in figure 4.13. When you add the grpEmployee and grpProductSubcategory groups to your report, you ll need to merge some cells together and add fields to your newly created group rows. You ll also want to format your percent and currency fields appropriately. We ve added some borders to make the report more pleasing to the eye. When you are done, your report should look similar to figure 4.12.
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