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Change the colors with Themes.
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This code snippet obtains a result similar to a database join, where the result of the first query is used in the other sequence to obtain the element corresponding to the match condition. Figure 1-8 shows the output.
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ViewState Server control rendering is handled automatically by ASP.NET. It provides up-level (modern W3C compliant) and down-level (older browser versions) browser support so that you don t have to create multiple versions of a page to be viewed by different versions of browsers. A good example is viewing the mobile calendar control with Internet Explorer versus viewing it on a wireless web phone. In Internet Explorer, it renders as HTML; when viewed by the phone s browser it renders as WAP. The HTML version of the output is simply a calendar that is displayed in a table; you can scroll through the table and select a date. When you view the same page using a wireless web-enabled phone, the calendar control takes on a different look, which is more text based than HTML based. The functionality is fundamentally the same, with an interface that is better suited to the smaller display of the phone. Rendering is one of the most powerful features of ASP.NET, and saves you a lot of time in your page development and interaction with a variety of browsers and devices. One of the most overlooked performance aspects of server controls is their ability to store information in ViewState. ViewState is a new property of the ASP.NET 45
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iceCream[6]; // "Milk & Cookies" Verify your work with Figure 1 11.
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Shape class
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Disaster-recovery options
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Network on LinkedIn
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12.3.4 Limitation: query expression collision
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public static int GetInstanceCount() { return(instanceCount); } static int instanceCount = 0; } class Test { public static void Main() { MyClass my = new MyClass(); Console.WriteLine(MyClass.GetInstanceCount()); } } This now uses a static member function and no longer exposes the field to users of the class, which increases future flexibility. Because it s a static member function, it s called using the name of the class rather than the name of an instance of the class. In the real world, this example would probably be better written using a static property, which is discussed 19.
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Binding one or more properties of a UI element to the values on an entity, view model, or business object is a compelling use of binding. Sometimes, though, you want to use binding for things we wouldn t traditionally consider data things within the user interface. You may want to bind the height of two controls together so that they resize equally or perhaps you want to bind three sliders to the x, y, and z-axis rotations of a plane (see section 6.5 for more information on 3D rotation in Silverlight). Rather than binding to gather input or display data to the user, you re binding to avoid writing extra plumbing code.
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In addition, named properties can be implemented programmatically by overriding -(id)valueForUndefinedKey:(NSString*)key and -(void)setValue:(id)value forUndefinedKey:(NSString*)key. These message are sent to an object whenever an attempt is made to get or set a property that KVC doesn t recognize. Your code can translate the name or synthesize a value. KVC also defines a standard for validating properties. Consult the Key-Value Coding Programming Guide published by Apple for additional details.1
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Listing 5.7 C# method for finding the base URI of an Atom newsfeed
Windows authentication will use whichever method is configured in IIS. For example, if you want to use basic authentication in IIS, configure your virtual directory for basic authentication and then configure the authentication element in the ASP.NET Web.Config file for Windows authentication (note that this is the default). Forms authentication is available if you want to authenticate users using a custom logon screen. When you use this method, you have to add a child element named forms to your authentication element. Here is an example of what your authentication element might look like with forms authentication enabled:
In SSMS Object Explorer, expand the Security node, right-click on the Audits node, and select New Audit from the context menu, as shown in figure 4.
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