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Step 3 On the Select the Data Source screen, make sure that AW Shared Datasource is selected under the Shared Data Source section. Click Next. Step 4 In the Design the Query screen, enter the following SQL statement in the query pane, then click Next:
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Entities are intellectual concepts representing objects (things) and subjects (persons) present in a particular business; in fact, they exist at the center of the business. Everything in any business revolves around the entities. In our case, we ve identified individual entities in Joe s statements. The position of the entities in regard to the business is reflected in our summary of Joe s explanations through the relationships that exist between them and the attributes that describe them. Put as simply as possible, a relationship can be represented by a verb designating an action or a state involving at least two entities. Verbs designating ownership, on the other hand, represent a different kind of relationship a reference to an attribute. Relationships describe what happens and/or what is in regard to several entities, whereas attributes describe a single entity.
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Figure 12.5 Portion of a DataForm showing the tooltips with the Description property of the Display attribute and the field captions pulled from the Name property of the same attribute.
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List<CacheData> cachedData = HttpRuntime.Cache.Get("SiteStatistics") as List<CacheData>; if (cachedData == null) { cachedData = new List<CacheData>();
protected override void OnPreRender(EventArgs e) { RegularExpressionValidator1.ValidationGroup = this.ValidationGroup; RequiredFieldValidator1.ValidationGroup = this.ValidationGroup; TextBox1.ValidationGroup = this.ValidationGroup; base.OnPreRender(e); }
put the business classes in a Business namespace and the controllers in a Controllers namespace. We also can t provide much detail about the implementation of controllers, because they tend to be platform-dependent.
This construct unfortunately checks the type of the object twice: once as part of the is operator and once as part of the cast. This is wasteful, since the cast can never fail. One way around this is to restructure the code with exception handling, but that s not a great idea because it d make the code more complex, and exception handling should generally be reserved for exceptional conditions. It s also not clear whether it d be faster, since exception handling has some overhead.
CHAPTER 3: Sync Your iPad with iTunes
Listing 8.1 Hello from ASP
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