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installing MOM Reporting, and will also examine the command-line installation parameters of MOM Reporting, including an example of a completed command line. When you install MOM Reporting from either the wizard or the command line, it is always a good idea to run the MOM Reporting prerequisite checker to verify that you are installing MOM Reporting onto a server that meets the necessary software and hardware requirements to support MOM Reporting. You can execute the prerequisite checker by running setup.exe from the MOM 2005 installation CD and selecting the Check Prerequisites option, as shown in Figure 7-2.
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LINQ to XML offers several alternatives when it comes to updating XML. The most
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IF @BinNo IS NULL BEGIN; UPDATE dbo.Bins SET SpaceLeft = @CurSpaceLeft WHERE BinNo = @CurBinNo;
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Braces are mandatory around each statement list.
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Note that it s error-prone to use assemblies names (like "NHibernate.Auction"). That s why you use one class s type to directly retrieve the assembly containing the embedded mapping files.
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The parentheses in the second expression cause the addition operation to be performed first. In PowerShell, parentheses also have another use. Looking at the syntax specification for parenthetical expressions illustrates this:
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responding to the Add and the Remove events of the Person entity class. In the body of the Detach_Person delegate function we have set the Role value to Nothing, raising a call to the Set accessor of the Role property. It s in the body of Detach_Person that you will find the Remove() method of the Person row related to the role. The Remove() method applied by the parent class will call the Detach delegate function for each child row related to it. This process will be performed once for each Person object related to the Role object.
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The ROME newsfeed utilities
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The CanonicalMediaName Property
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There are two projection operators: Select and SelectMany.
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When you created the MythBase project, an application delegate class called MythBase_AppDelegate was created for you. This class contains code to load the model information from the Core Data model files contained within your application. It also opens up the on-disk storage where Core Data reads and writes its model objects, or creates this storage if it doesn t already exist. And finally, it provides access to the data storage via an NSManagedObjectContext, which other objects can in turn bind to (such as the array controller in our nib file) in order to read from and write to storage. All the code shown here has been reformatted to better fit the format of this book, so your version may look slightly different, but should be syntactically identical.
architecture that provides hosted services to a specific group of people behind a firewall. A private cloud uses virtualization, automation, and distributed computing to provide on-demand elastic computing capacity to internal users. As you saw earlier in chapter 3, public cloud providers are spending a great deal of money in new data centers to power their cloud initiatives, with Google investing approximately $2.3 billion in 2008 for its buildout.3 At first glance, in the face of this massive investment, it may seem like a foolhardy proposition to attempt to go it alone and build your own private cloud. But remember that large IT organizations have a long history of providing data-center services, many with longer track records of doing so than most if not all of today s incumbent cloud providers (Amazon, Google, and Microsoft). They have tremendous amounts of resources and past investment in hardware and data center assets. They can certainly put these to good use.
The choose from list command allows you to restrict the selection the user can make. You can choose to allow or disallow the selection of multiple items and to allow or disallow the user to select nothing. By default, the user must choose one item and one item only. To allow the user to select multiple items, set the multiple selections allowed parameter to true, as shown in Script 12-7. Script 12-7. set state_list to {"NY", "RI", "GA", "CA", "WA"} set chosen_states to choose from list state_list with multiple selections allowed --> {"RI", "GA", "WA"} In the preceding script, the user selected three items: RI, GA, and WA. In a similar fashion, you can allow the user to click OK while making no selection at all. Now, about selecting nothing, the user can always click Cancel, but by default, if the user hasn t picked any item from the list, the OK button will be disabled. You can allow the user to pick no items and still click OK with the empty selection allowed parameter: set chosen_states to choose from list state_list with empty selection allowed If the user selected nothing and clicked OK, the result would be an empty list: --> {}
Or, you might put a more complex mathematical expression in place:
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