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Create a project to contain the tests, and give it the same name as the project under test, adding [.Tests] to the end of the name. For example, if I had a project named Osherove.MyLibrary, I would also have a test project named Osherove.MyLibrary.Tests.Unit as well as Osherove.MyLibrary.Tests.Integration. (See figure 6.2, earlier in this chapter, for an example.) This may sound crude, but it s easy, and it allows a developer to find all the tests for a specific project.
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After we learned how to create a thread and how it can be started, we saw how this creates an OS thread. When the method associated with the thread s ThreadStart delegate exits, the thread terminates. Alternatively, we can use the Abort method on the instance of the Thread class associated with the thread to trigger a ThreadAbortException that results in the termination of the thread. We can use the ResetAbort method to cancel an abort.
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C precursors 21 C# extension methods in 65 67 language extensions 5, 83 84 new language features. See language enhancements query expression syntax 98 C# 3.0 389 CanBeNull 211, 240 Cartesian product 154 cast 372 Cast operator 101, 162 query operator 162 change tracking 249, 259 ChangeConflictException 271 272, 287 ChangeConflicts 275 MemberConflicts 275 ChangeConflicts.ResolveAll 274 changes handling 268 278 simultaneous 268 278 submitting 260 tracking 259 CheckRules 298 child axis property 363 child elements 389 child nodes 332, 390 children direct 357 immediate 364 CiteSeer 511 class diagram 403 classes Author 117 Book 32, 117 bridge 376 Contact 38 DataSet 10, 109 DataTable 10 entity 38 39
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Result The images in our image list are now available to any buttons placed on the toolbar.
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Custom style sheets You ll eventually find that you need to add custom styling to your Web Part that isn t available in any of the default CSS files. You have several approaches for adding this styling to the controls and Web Parts. To illustrate, let s take a look at an ASP.NET Panel, which results in a HTML div element for which we ll set a custom style. We ll set height, width, background color, border, and a change in the font in this Panel object. It should look like figure 4.13.
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Using the Business Data field type in lists and libraries
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AutoPostBack="True" CausesValidation="True" OnSelectedIndexChanged="ddlStart_SelectedIndexChanged" /> <asp:CompareValidator ID="CompareValidator1" runat="server" ControlToValidate="ddlStart" ControlToCompare="ddlEnd" ErrorMessage= "The second index must be higher than the first one" Operator="LessThanEqual" Type="Integer" /><br /> <asp:GridView ID="GridViewPartial" runat="server" /> </div> </form> </body> </html>
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for hardware NUMA (SMP servers) that contain lots of CPUs may benefit from softwarebased NUMA, or soft NUMA, which we ll look at next. SOFT NUMA Unlike hardware NUMA, soft NUMA isn t able to isolate, or affinitize, RAM to groups of CPUs over dedicated buses. However, in some cases system performance may increase by enabling soft NUMA. On SMP systems without soft NUMA, each SQL Server instance has a single I/O thread and a single LazyWriter thread. Instances experiencing bottlenecks on these resources may benefit from configuring multiple NUMA nodes using soft NUMA, in which case each node will receive its own I/O and LazyWriter threads. We ll cover threads and the LazyWriter process in more detail in chapter 7. SOFT NUMA IN SQL SERVER Configuring a SQL Server instance for soft NUMA is a two-step process. First, the instance is configured with CPU affinity, as in this example, which configures an instance to use CPUs 0 3:
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static NSString *version = @"cocos2d v0.99.5-beta3";
Replacing a Substring
MyWPFControlLibrary.CalculatorWindow calc = new MyWPFControlLibrary.CalculatorWindow(); WindowInteropHelper helper = new WindowInteropHelper(calc); helper.Owner = this.Handle; calc.Show();
Dim i = 5 is equivalent to Dim i As Integer = 5 Dim s = "this is a string" is equivalent to Dim s As String = "this is a string"
CHAPTER 15: New Media: Reading Newspapers, Magazines, and More
private bool _hasChanged = false;
UPDATE OPEN METHOD IN PHOTOALBUM CLASS Action 6 Modify the Open method to use a new ReadAlbumData method. Result
As you have seen from the previous discussion, AppleScript is a powerful, loosely typed scripting language. It supports many of the constructs you would expect from a scripting language, including a rich set of data types and control statements. Even though you can use it for many common programming tasks, its primary use is automating, controlling, and tying together Macintosh applications. For general programming problems such as text-file processing, database access, and network programming, Perl, Python, and Ruby are better choices. However, if you need to do any scripting that requires the services of Macintosh programs, AppleScript is the right language. In addition to writing pure AppleScripts, you can achieve more power and functionality by combining it with other languages using AppleScript Studio. AppleScript Studio enables you to add Cocoa-based GUIs to your scripts and to combine scripts with Objective-C, providing more power and options. In addition, you can combine AppleScripts with other scripting languages by sending AppleEvents to the Terminal application and having it run your UNIXbased scripts. This technique is demonstrated later in the chapter when I discuss AppleScript Studio and show how to use AppleScript to invoke gnuplot.
The App Store on your iPhone.
$b is now four elements long. As we ve just discussed, due to the way array catenation works, $b contains a copy of the contents of the array instead of a reference. If we change $a now, it won t affect $b. Let s verify that:
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