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Controls the termination of the thread
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Java interfaces, thread synchronization, and exceptions have Objective-C counterparts that are detailed in later chapters. Many other features of Java, such as serialization, introspection, remote method invocation, and copying, are not defined by the Objective-C language; as it does with constructors, the Cocoa framework implements these features using classes and methods. In the upcoming chapters, you ll also discover many features and capabilities unique to Objective-C.
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See This is running the standard PowerShell.exe application and giving it a command-line parameter to run a specific command: Import-Module ActiveDirectory. The result is a copy of the shell that has the ActiveDirectory module preloaded, but there s no reason in the world why you couldn t open the normal PowerShell and run that same command yourself to get the same functionality. The same thing holds true for almost every product-specific management shell that you ll find: Exchange, SharePoint, you name it. Examine the properties of those Start menu shortcuts, and you ll find that they open the normal PowerShell.exe, and pass a command-line parameter to either import a module, add a snap-in, or load a preconfigured console file (and the console file is simply a list of snap-ins to load automatically). SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 are exceptions. Their product-specific shell, Sqlps, is a specially compiled version of PowerShell that will only run the SQL Server extensions. Properly called a mini-shell, this is an approach Microsoft tried for the first time in SQL Server. It has been unpopular, and the company won t be using that approach again.
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Message Filters
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// configure remoting... Console.WriteLine("using " + configFile + "..."); RemotingConfiguration.Configure(configFile); Console.WriteLine("waiting for remote calls..."); Console.WriteLine("hit ENTER to exit..."); Console.ReadLine(); } } }
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ApartmentState ThreadPriority ThreadState
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When using the default filegroup configuration, there s no option other than to back up both tables and indexes together. Full database backups always back up all tables and indexes, regardless of filegroup configuration and a filegroup backup of only the PRIMARY filegroup would produce a similar result in this case, as the database s only table and index are both contained within the PRIMARY filegroup.
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The first thing we re going to do is set up a pair of menu items to control a boolean attribute in our app delegate. You could use these to control some sort of switch that affects an application-wide setting. In our case, we ll create a property called turbo, which presumably makes everything happen faster (easy enough in MenuLab, because it doesn t actually do anything). We ll have two menu items labeled Turbo On and Turbo Off, and connect each of them to an action method in our app delegate to do the actual toggling. Then we ll use bindings to enable and disable them as appropriate, so that when turbo is YES, only the Turbo Off item is clickable, and when turbo is NO, only the Turbo On item is clickable. Start off in Xcode, by adding the turbo property to the app delegate, along with an action method to toggle the value of the property. The changes you need to make to both MenuLab_AppDelegate.h and MenuLab_AppDelegate.m are shown here, in a somewhat compacted form, with blank lines removed. All you need to add are the lines shown in bold. //
Invalidating and Drawing Views
This method is destructive to the solid passed in the SolidObject parameter that is, the 3DSolid object passed to this method is destroyed during the combination with the calling object.
We also added copying of the horsepower instance variable in -copyWithZone so that copies will get the value, and we added it to the -description, which is pretty old hat by now, so we ll leave out further explanation. Just to prove we can get and set the value, the following code
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