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PS C:\> ./demo Enter computer name: server-r2 DEBUG: $name contains server-r2 DEBUG: Test-connection was True SMBIOSBIOSVersion Manufacturer Name SerialNumber Version : : : : 6.00 Phoenix Technologies LTD PhoenixBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0 VMware-56 4d 45 fc 13 92 de 5b 86 : INTEL - 6040000
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the entire table is passed through the pipeline. The table isn t filtered down to a smaller number of columns until every command has run. Now for some terminology changes! PowerShell doesn t refer to this in-memory table as a table. Instead, it uses these terms:
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CHAPTER 11: Shine On: Environment Mapping and Reflections with OpenGL ES
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CHAPTER 12: E-mail
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Get parameter
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Where Is AppleScript
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Add a LinkLabel event handler for the linkWebSite control. If the browser control already exists, then shut down the web site and hide the Panel object. Note: This code resets the dialog to its original state.
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Stop-Process -name BITS
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select new { Publisher = publisher.Name, TotalPrice = books.TotalPrice() };
Publication is the act of registering your service so that it is publicly visible to other processes and computers on the network. You must first create a socket, such as an NSSocketPort, by which clients can communicate with your service. You then create a NSNetService object, connected to that port, that describes the service. You then publish the service by sending the NSNetService object a -publish or -publishWithOptions: message. Once published, remote clients can find, connect, and communicate with your service. Use the NSNetServiceBrowser class to find services on your network. You start by creating an instance of NSNetServiceBrowser and then configure it to find the types of services you are interested in. The browser goes to work and reports services as it discovers them. Once you know about a remote service, by browsing or some other means, the last step is to resolve it. Again, you create an NSNetService object and configure it with the information it needs to locate the remote service. You then send it a -resolveWithTimeout: message. The NSNetService object then proceeds to establish a connection. When successful, the message -getInputStream:outputStream: will return the input and output stream objects, through which you can communicate with the remote service. Network service publishing and discovery can be very time consuming, and new services can appear and disappear spontaneously. Consequently, virtually all network services methods execute asynchronously. The results are communicated through a delegate object that you provide. For example, the -resolveWithTimeout: message returns immediately, but starts the resolution process in the background. When finished, your delegate object will receive either a -netServiceDidResolveAddress: message or a -netService:didNotResolve: message if the resolution failed.
controls, to the form. Size and position them as shown in the graphic.
Figure 14 1. Visual design of UI components for Mac OS X applications
Using copy As an AppleScript Command
Notice that the * is not part of the variable s name. Instead, it tells the compiler that the associated variable is a pointer, specifically designed to hold the address of an int. If there were a data type called bluto, you could declare a variable designed to point to a bluto like this:
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