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C# keywords Keyword abstract Description Example See also sealed; Menu class in .NET Table 3.1, page 72
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Let s add a few simple interface elements to the main window. Select CocoaViews from the Palette window and drag a button and text field to the window. Place them anywhere you like and resize the window for the new controls. Double-click the button and rename it Click Me (see figure 3.27). Create a class to implement the actions associated with the interface items. To do so, click the Classes tab in the MainMenu.nib window, select NSObject from the class browser (far-left window), and press Return. Call the class MyObject. To add instance variables to the class, select MyObject from the class list and pressing Shift-Command-I to bring up the Class Info window. In this window, you add instance variables to the class in this case, one per interface item. In Cocoa applications, instance variables are called outlets and instance methods are called actions. For this example, create one outlet to hold the contents of the text field and one action to respond when the user clicks the Click Me button. In the MyObject Class Info window, click the Add button and name the outlet textItem. Click the Actions tab, click Add, and name the action clickMe. This action responds to clicks on the Click Me button. Create the class s source files. Make sure MyObject is selected in the Class list, select Classes Create Files For MyObject, and click the Choose button to save the files. Interface Builder creates the interface and implementation files for the class and merges them into the Project Builder project. Create an instance of the class. Select MyObject from the Class list and select Classes Instantiate MyClass, which creates a new icon in the instances pane representing the instantiation of the class MyObject (see figure 3.28). Now comes the important step: forming relationships between the class instance and its corresponding interface components. You are graphically telling the system what you usually do in code. Make sure Interface Builder is displaying the application window that contains the text field and Click Me button. To form a relationship for an outlet, click on the
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Consumer Connections IWebPartParameters
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will send an encrypted version of the protected file back to the Silverlight application. This file will have a special header that tells the Silverlight runtime that it s a protected file. This header will provide the location of the licensing server to Silverlight. But before the licensing server can be reached, Silverlight must ensure that the user has the necessary PlayReady components installed.
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The most obscure variation of the ignoring clause, expansion, is probably used more in human languages where ligature characters, such as , , , and , are used: ignoring expansion " " = "AE" end ignoring Result: true Also, since case isn t considered by default, the following is true: ignoring expansion " " = " " end ignoring
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In the next three lines, we veer away from scanf(). First, we call fgets(), telling it to read a max of 50 characters and asking it to read from the standard input. stdin is a file specifier that stands for the standard input. Again, we ll get into all that in 10. One problem with fgets() is that it sticks the carriage return in the name array. If we leave things as they are, when we print our welcome message, the period at the end of the sentence will appear by itself on the next line. Our solution First, we get the length of the name, which includes the carriage return. If the name was four characters long, the carriage return will add a fifth character. nameLength will be 5, and the carriage return will appear in name[ 4 ]. We then set name[ 4 ] to 0, terminating the string after the last character of the name instead of after the carriage return.
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and .NET 2.0 runtime 24 origins 19 23 overview 5 6 providers 6 7, 439 441, 511 query expression pattern 439 query expression syntax 369, 375 query expressions 401 and Silverlight runtime 24 the future 511 514 as a toolset 6 7 what is 4 9 why 9 19 with Windows Forms 126 136 LINQ to Amazon 463 474, 510 implementation 467 474 introduction 463 requirements 465 with IQueryable 474 481 LINQ to DataSet 6, 440, 505 509 LinqBooks 505 509 LINQ to Entities 6, 306, 309, 440, 514 See also ADO.NET Entity Framework LINQ to LDAP 512 LINQ to NHibernate 512 LINQ to Objects 23 29, 116, 314, 440, 509 getting started 23 29 Hello project 25 29 LinqBooks 509 overhead 195 198 performance 186 200 speed comparison 197 supported operations 126 LINQ to SQL 19, 37 42, 207 212, 398, 440, 495 502 Association 250 creating data-access layer with 492 495 data-access layer 486, 489 502 dynamic queries 177 features 37 getting started 37 42 Hello example 38 42 in multi-tier architecture 489 LinqBooks 495 502 mapping 491
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10.1.6 ElementsAfterSelf, NodesAfterSelf, ElementsBeforeSelf, and NodesBeforeSelf
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{ param ( <parameter list> ) <statementList> }
UDDI Services provides UDDI functionality not only within an enterprise, but also between businesses. Figure 8.17 illustrates how UDDI Services represents organizations
Comments="Say goodnight to the Rails Party, Microsoft is here!"}, new Review { User=Users[1], Rating=5, Comments="Don Box said he likes Ruby, little did we know he'd turn C# into Ruby.NET!"} } }, new Book { Title="All your base are belong to us", Publisher=Publishers[1], Authors=new[]{Authors[3]}, Price=35.5M, Isbn="0-333-77777-2" }, new Book { Title="Bonjour mon Amour", Publisher=Publishers[0], Authors=new[]{Authors[1], Authors[0]}, Price=29M, Isbn="2-444-77777-2" } }; } }
Viewing a Video Attachment
Sometimes while browsing, you find a page so compelling you just have to send it to a friend or colleague. Touch the plus sign in the middle of the bottom bar, and select Mail Link to this Page (see Figure 17 6). This creates an e-mail message with the link that you can send.
As you ve just seen, when you test the difference between two dates, you get an integer representing the number of seconds separating the two dates. Similarly, you can add to or subtract any number of seconds from a date and get another date as a result. This can be useful for several purposes. For instance, you can have a script look in a folder and delete every file that s more than three weeks old. Here is the statement that will test whether to trash the file: if file_modification_date comes before ((current date) 3 * weeks) then --code to delete file... end if
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