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Figure 2.6 The Ribbon adapts to your current context. If you re editing a Web Part page, the tools for editing content and adding new Web Parts appears. And if you select a Web Part when editing the page, the Web Part tools and, optionally, Web Part specific tabs appear.
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create procedure uspGetTotalSalaryAmountPerYear @year int, @amount money output as set @amount = ( select sum(SalaryYear) from Salary where year=@year) select @amount
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System; System.Reflection; NHibernate; NHibernate.Cfg;
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E. W. Dijkstra
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An array of string names identifying the layouts to plot. If this list is Null, this method is effectively useless and the default layout to plot will remain as the active layout.
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must examine every character at least once. On top of that, the collation in the test database is a Windows collation, so SQL Server applies the complex rules of Unicode. (The fact that the data type of the column is varchar does not matter.) This has an important ramification when designing our search routines: we should try to minimize the use of the LIKE operator.
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Schema-maintenance problems also occur during development, even before you roll out to any live databases. A common scenario involves lots of test data, which you want to be sure is inserted correctly each time you change the schema. Migrations libraries are an excellent choice for achieving this, but you may have decided to generate your database schema using hbm2ddl rather than a separate
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Database credentials A word of warning: database credentials isn t actually a value that can be used for the authentication mode, but is more commonly used to describe when your SQL Server is set up to use SQL User Accounts. You may want to connect to SQL Server or Oracle by directly specifying the username and password the BDC should use. To do this, the actual authentication mode should be set to PassThrough, but the BDC will ignore this and then utilize the username and password set in the Rdb Connection properties (details following shortly). Having to set the authentication mode to PassThrough to allow you to supply a database user account is counterintuitive, but trust us, it does work! Utilizing a database user account is another method of bypassing the double hop issue.
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You ll find power.xcodeproj in the Learn C Projects folder, in the 07.05 - power subfolder. Run power, and compare your results with the console window shown in Figure 7-12. This output was produced by three consecutive calls to the function DoPower(). The three calls calculated the result of the expressions 25, 34, and 53. Let s consider how the program works.
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Mouse Tracking
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If your method doesn t use any of its class s variables, you might want to refactor the method by making it static. That makes it much more testable, but also states that this method is a sort of utility method that has a known public contract specified by its name.
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