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Remember that you don t have to explicitly enable the first-level cache. Let s declare caching policies and set up cache providers for the second-level cache in the CaveatEmptor application. The Category has a small number of instances and is rarely updated, and instances are shared among many users, so it s a great candidate for use of the second-level cache. Start by adding the mapping element required to tell NHibernate to cache Category instances:
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Listing 10.10 The RSS feed that we ll query using the Visual Basic XML axis properties
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nate fetches the associated object lazily if the associated class has proxying enabled or eagerly using an outer join if proxying is disabled (default). outer-join="true" NHibernate always fetches the association eagerly using an outer join, even if proxying is enabled. This allows you to choose different fetching strategies for different associations to the same proxied class. It s equivalent to fetch="join". outer-join="false" NHibernate never fetches the association using an outer join, even if proxying is disabled. This is useful if you expect the associated object to exist in the second-level cache (see chapter 6). If it isn t available in the second-level cache, the object is fetched immediately using an extra SQL SELECT. This option is equivalent to fetch="select".
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Result See the graphic in step 2.
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Figure 2 8. Touch and hold the screen to see the magnifying glass and place the cursor.
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Change the Anchor settings in your program to experiment with this property. In particular, set this property for the btnLoad control to AnchorStyles.None. You will find that the control moves half the distance the form is resized in this case. Expand the form by 10 pixels horizontally, and the Load button will be 5 additional pixels from the left edge. While you re at it, take out the MinimumSize property and see what happens. For the more adventurous, use the desktop properties from figure 1.7 such as ControlBox and MaximumSize to see the effect on your program.
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What Else You Should Know
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C HA P T E R 5 s R U LE C R E AT I O N
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Connection Pool
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PS (28) > $sb = { >> $a = [char[]] $this >> [array]::reverse($a) >> [string]::join('',$a) >> } >>
Security recommendations
Here s the result of this last printf(). As you can see, this time printf() decided to represent the number using exponential notation:
PowerShell Type Alias [int] [int[]] [long] [long[]] [string] [string[]] [char] [char[]] [bool] [bool[]] [byte] [byte[]] [double] [double[]] [decimal] [decimal[] [float]
Text Trimming Option
PS (12) > hi Bob Hi Bob
immediately after you add the Hatch object; otherwise, AutoCAD will enter an unpredictable state.
By highlighting our expression types, we can see that we have the following kinds of expressions: Lambda, GreaterThan, Property, Parameter, Constant. Each of these expression types can be broken down into more granular portions to encapsulate more information. For example, the GreaterThan expression is actually a BinaryExpression that takes two parts, a left side and a right side. With this, we can compare the value from the left side to see if it is GreaterThan the value on the right side. By breaking the expression down, we can then generalize the analysis and allow for variations in the left and right portions. In this example, the left value is the book s price and the right side is the constant value of 30. Figure 7.3 shows a graphical representation of the full expression tree.
When a class adopts NSCoding, that class promises to implement both of these messages. encodeWithCoder: is used to take an object s instance variables and freeze-dry them into an NSCoder object. initWithCoder: extracts freeze-dried instance variables from an NSCoder and uses them to initialize a new object. These are always implemented as a pair; there s no point in encoding an object if you ll never revive it into a new one, and if you never encode an object, you won t have anything to use to create a new one.
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