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Getting iTunes Updated
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First, we attempt to find a parameter named DataSource. As you will probably recall, the value passed to this parameter can be one of the following: the serialized-to-XML dataset copy or a file path to the persisted-to-file dataset. GetDataSet determines what the value of the DataSource represents by inspecting its payload. In the first case, we deserialize the dataset from its XML payload. In the latter, we read the dataset s content from the file. Note that we are specifically demanding a read permission to the physical file. Regardless of the fact that the code
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Next, we ll see how to test whether objects raise events properly, or whether other objects have registered for an event properly.
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Deleting a Picture
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Automating Big Tasks
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Control #3
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Let s look at the Document window now. You can see different views of this window in Figures 3 2 and 3 12. The Document window contains objects that represent the different objects in your application. Some represent the visible objects that you have been working with already in this chapter. You can also show the Document window in Outline view mode. Figure 3 12 shows this view with the application s window object open to show the Categories Table Column. You can then set attributes in the Inspector for this selection, which gives you an alternate way to configure the objects in your user interface. This can be useful in complex hierarchies of contained objects, allowing you to select precisely the object you want. Other objects in the Document window are less obvious. File s Owner, First Responder, and Application are invisible objects, because they don t have a visible user interface component. These are called proxy objects because they represent or connect objects outside of the NIB file (created purely in code in Xcode Workspace, for example) to objects in the NIB. The current document (or NIB file) is quite an unusual NIB, since you created it in a vacuum that is, without reference to any Xcode project. Normally a NIB file is instantiated as part of the creation of an Xcode project rather than standalone as you have created it here. You will see an indicator in the status bar showing the project that owns this NIB, and you can see that for the current Document window there is no project. In fact, this NIB file has served its purpose, so close this file; you may save it for future reference in XML format (XIB) or binary format (NIB). From this point onward you will be creating your NIB files by the more conventional route.
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ed 48, 112 113, 130, 247 Edit menu 10, 311 editing text files 306 editor Aqua-based 122 line-mode 112 Project Builder 122 screen-mode 113 stream-mode 113 elisp 115 else if 256 emacs 53, 98, 112 114, 306 differences among versions 115 Mac OS X versions 115 terminal mode 115 within Project Builder 122
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The SQL Server landscape
Windows RSS Platform overview
Edit the application definition file that we created in chapter 2 (c:\AppDefs\Products.xml) in Visual Studio or Notepad. (If Visual Studio isn t available, I like to use XML Notepad 2007, which can be downloaded from
Your Application (Process)
ElementAt and ElementAtOrDefault
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