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namespace BDCBOOK { class ExecuteFinder { const string yourSSPName ="EnterYourSSPNameHere"; static void Main(string[] args) { SetupBDC(); FindAll(); Console.WriteLine("Press any key to exit..."); Console.Read(); } static void SetupBDC() { SqlSessionProvider.Instance().SetSharedResourceProviderToUse(yourSSPName ); }
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While you can program for ages in Objective-C without ever touching a C string, inevitably the day will come when you need to interact with C functions that expect or return C strings. The principal methods for constructing a new NSString object from a C string are listed in Table 8-5. These are very similar to the Java constructors for creating String objects from byte or character arrays. Table 8-5. Constructing NSString Objects from Character Arrays
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TypeName This is the .NET data type as returned by your data source.
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When is my data loaded and why does it matter
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Now that you understand how Interface Builder connects interface objects to handlers, let s look at the AppleScript code. Switch back to Project Builder and open the MemoryTracker.applescript file. Let s begin by looking at the main handler, called clicked:
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Charging from the Power Outlet
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display alert
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chart.HasTitle = true; chart.Title.Caption = pview.TitleBar.Caption; }
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Some controls produce the HTML that s used by the browser, and some only act on the server side. This chapter will start by exploring the ASP.NET basics and showing how you can utilize the ASP.NET controls and features in your Web Part. Remember that Web Parts are defined in ASP.NET and aren t specific to SharePoint. Once you know how to use the various controls to build an interface that your users can interact with, we ll focus on achieving the desired visual appearance for your Web Parts. We ll look at the default SharePoint style sheets and themes and see how you can use them in your Web Parts. The look and feel is not all about the colors and fonts of the interface. SharePoint has come a long way in terms of usability and accessibility. Finally, we ll show you how to add verbs to your Web Part. Verbs are specific actions that can be invoked on Web Parts.
This is your cable to connect to your computer, and it also doubles as your power cable.
Table 2.4 Provider SqlClient Connection strings Database Connection String
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Table 2.1 Backtick escape sequences Corresponding Special Character Newline Carriage return Horizontal tab Alert Backspace Single quote Double quote Null A single backtick
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