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This section presents the built-in types, operators, and keywords of C# in tabular form. The tables present a brief description of each item. The following aspects of the C# language are presented: Built-in types Operators Keywords
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short long myShort; myLong;
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-(void)displayThread1Counts:(NSNumber*)threadNumber { countThread1 += 1; [thread1Label setText:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%i", countThread1]]; }
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CHAPTER 24: Other Sync Methods
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In listing 5.2, we start by creating a JDOM SAXBuilder parser b and using it to parse an input stream in to a JDOM Document object c. We get the root element d and from that we get the <channel> element e. From the channel, we get the <item> elements f, which we will loop through. Before we get into the loop, we
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HScroll VScroll
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this.IsMdiContainer = true; this.Name = ParentForm ; this.Text = ParentForm ; }
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Introducing 9 MapKit
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<Ellipse Width="75" Height="75" Stroke="Black"> <Ellipse.Fill> <RadialGradientBrush> <GradientStop Color="Black" Offset="0"/> <GradientStop Color="Black" Offset="1"/> <GradientStop Color="Gray" Offset="0.5"/> </RadialGradientBrush> </Ellipse.Fill> </Ellipse>
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ReportViewer deployment for Windows applications For Windows applications, be sure to include the controls as application prerequisites so that they can be automatically installed with your application. You choose prerequisites in the Prerequisites dialog box. To open this dialog box:
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So now you know AppleScript can split a string into characters. What you also need to know is how to extract chunks of strings for use in your script. To put it in context, slicing up strings and turning chunks of them into new strings is one task as a scripter you will do all the time: figuring out what date a job is due based on the date embedded in the filename, parsing out text files and using the information there, cleaning out unwanted characters taken from different sources, formatting phone numbers, and so on. The list is endless. The first and most used tool you have is the ability to extract a number of characters from a string by specifying the starting and ending character. This method is called the index reference form, since you refer to a character (in this case) by its position among the other characters. An easy example is as follows: character 3 of "AppleScript" As you must have guessed already, the result of the preceding statement is a one-character string, p. And since I m talking AppleScript here, and not some other no-fun programming language, you can also write the following: third character of "AppleScript" The result, as you can imagine, is the same. And if you can refer to the third character, then you surely can refer to the first character, which would ve made it cruel and unusual to not allow you to ask for the last character or next-to-last character of AppleScript. Try this: character before last character of "AppleScript" OK, so the only person I know who actually uses these terms in programming is Sal himself (the AppleScript product manager at Apple), but then again, I don t go out much. Another feature that makes AppleScript a language more suitable for use by humans is that the first character in a string, or the first anything for that matter, is referred to as 1, not 0. This is known as one-based indexing.
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Practical considerations
Listing 6.2 Custom mapping type for monetary amounts in new database schemas
Finally, now that all parameters are bound, the cmdlet s ProcessRecord and EndProcessing clauses are executed.
Sorted TopNode CollapseAll Public Methods GetNodeAt GetNodeCount AfterExpand AfterLabelEdit Public Events BeforeCollapse BeforeSelect ItemDrag
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