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results are shown as regular search results. The hyperlink for each search result points to the user s My Site. This is useful for finding someone in your organization who has a particular skill or reports to a particular person. The profile information can also be used for audience targeting (targeting list items, links, and web parts to users who appear within a particular audience). Many things in MOSS can be audience targeted, including web parts, list items, and content pages. Many people confuse audience targeting with security permissions. The whole purpose of audience targeting is to not overwhelm users with information, but to provide them content that will be of interest. For example, somebody working out of the New York office probably wouldn t care about sticky toffee pudding being served as a daily special in the London office canteen. So the location property in your user profile can be put to good use here. Whenever the canteen wants to use an announcements list to advertise their daily specials, they can target just the London office. But if a user from the London office emailed a user from the New York office a link to the list item, both users would be able to view the item. The difference is that the daily specials shouldn t be displayed when rolled up to a Content Query Web Part if audience targeting is in place. Audience targeting and the people search are useful tools in an enterprise organization and, if planned properly, can be very powerful. So where does BDC come into all of this You may have been thinking that you already store user profile information in enough places. You may have social security numbers, salary information, and bank account information already stored in an accounts system. You may have home address, telephone, and child information stored in the HR system, and then of course you may have some user profile information stored in Active Directory. The Business Data Catalog can pull this information in from these databases for you, and map it to fields in the user s profile. This means you don t have to replicate all of the information from these separate systems to Active Directory. All you have to do is create mappings between the properties in MOSS and the field in the BDC data source. If the fields in a relational database are stored in a many side of a relationship, we can map them to a multivalue property in the user profile. For example, the Person and Person Skills fields could still be mapped to SharePoint. Within this chapter, we ll explore how user profile information is put to good use in audience targeting, how a user can configure his user profile information using My Site, and how the administrator can configure properties that she wants her users to use. We ll then explore how to take information from existing user profiles and import it on a scheduled basis into SharePoint, making your search and audience targeting more powerful.
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using CreateDelegate to be invoked. It accepts a single parameter, which is an array of objects that should correspond to the arguments of the method associated with the delegate.
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6.6.3 The controller
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In this example, we changed the value in the note property to A greeting . Note properties allow you to attach arbitrary data to an object. They aren t type constrained, so they can hold any type. Let s set the description property to a [datetime] object:
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14.1.3 Limitations of the browser
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Figure 8 1. The blue sprite contains all 12 button images.
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When SQL Server uses a nonclustered index to fulfill a query request, it uses a key lookup to retrieve the data from the clustered index (and a RID lookup in the case of a heap). When a nonclustered index returns one (or few) rows, this is an efficient and fast operation. However, as the number of matching rows increases, the combined cost of the index seek plus key lookup operations increases to the point where it may be quicker to simply scan the base table. Consider the following two queries:
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string s1 = "Hello\n"; // ends with newline character string s2 = "Hello\tthere!"; // contains embedded tab character
Since the operand on the left is a number, according to the conversion rule, the operand 123 must be converted into a number. Once the conversion is complete, the numeric addition operation proceeds and produces the result 125 as shown. Conversely, in the next example, when a string is on the left side:
Process thisProcess= Process.GetCurrentProcess();
That will retrieve all computers from Active Directory, expand their Name properties into simple String objects, and pipe those String objects to the Get-ServerInfo function. You could also add additional parameters, by including a standard Param() block right at the top of the function, before the BEGIN block. Whatever values are passed to those parameters will hold the same values each time the PROCESS block executes. That brings up an interesting problem: what if you want the cmdlet to accept computer names either from the pipeline or from a parameter In other words, you want both of these to work:
C H APTER 3 Doing Several Things at Once: Performance Enhancements with Threading . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57
Listing 2.5 A C# program to create Person objects
One scenario that calls for adding parameters manually is when you need more parameters than the report query (or queries) takes. For example, you may need a parameter to pass some value that is used in an expression. Why would you want to remove a report-level parameter This can be useful if you don t want the users to pass values to it. For example, the query parameter may be derived internally using an expression and it may not make sense to expose it to the end user. New in RS 2005 is a hidden property that you can set to hide the parameter.
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