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Figure 28-3. In Smile, the regular expressions understand Unicode. If you are curious to experiment further with regular expressions, you will want to have the list of the regular expressions metacharacters handy. You will find one in the pop-up list in the Find dialog box, on the right of the Regular Expression check box. Satimage s website provides exhaustive documentation on regular expressions. You can find it at www.satimage-software.com/en/reg_exp.html.
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Unfortunately, the standard specular lighting didn t end up looking as dazzling as I was hoping. I could even say it made things much worse. Figure 11-3 shows the sample program with specular lighting turned on.
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Consumer Connections IWebPartParameters, IBIDataProvider PerformancePoint Scorecard Displays a PerformancePoint scorecard Assembly Class
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Then, run the following two scripts, shown in table 5, separately to observe their respective I/O sizes with the performance counter Avg. Disk Bytes/Read. The script in test 1 runs the SELECT query with the read-ahead operation enabled, which is the default SQL Server behavior, and the script in test 2 runs the SELECT query with the read-ahead operation disabled via trace flag 652.
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Mapping from the database to objects Exploring how LINQ to SQL works under the covers Translating query expressions into SQL with IQueryable and expression trees Tracking objects through their life cycle Working with disconnected data
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And that s it. Our program now understands triangles:
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It s important to note that using conditional compilation constructs in your production code can reduce its readability and increase its spaghetti-ness. Beware!
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PS (1) > $foo = "FOO" PS (2) > "This is a string This is a string in double PS (3) > 'This is a string This is a string in single PS (4) > in double quotes: $foo" quotes: FOO in single quotes: $foo' quotes: $foo
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Every platform has a number of peripheral technologies that are helpful if not essential, at least in some cases and for some developers. On the iOS platform, this includes the ever-growing list of social networking platforms to choose from, besides Apple s Game Center. Then there s server development kits that you might need for developing persistent games that ought to connect to your own server, be it to find and run matches of more than four players, or simply to save characters, progress, settings, and worlds online. And sometimes regarded dubiously, providing ads in games can create an additional revenue stream, especially for free games and lite versions. Often in conjunction with ads you can also investigate if it would help your game to add analytics and metrics, in order to find out where players fail most often, what buttons they click the most and how frequently they play individual game modes. This can help you tweak your game to be more fun for more players.
catch (Exception) { // Unable to open album this.Text = "Unable to open selected album"; lstPhotos.Items.Clear(); lstPhotos.BackColor = SystemColors.Control; btnAlbumProp.Enabled = false; }
if (shouldZoom == true) myMultiScaleImage.ZoomAboutLogicalPoint(1.5, point.X, point.Y); else myMultiScaleImage.ZoomAboutLogicalPoint(0.5, point.X, point.Y); }
Figure 1 1. The Xcode Tools family
As you move on to other programming languages (such as Objective-C, Java, or C++), sophisticated development toolkits (such as Cocoa), and even other operating systems, you ll find there are many ways to work with files. Most of them are based on the concepts you ll learn in this chapter. Stay with the program! Learn the basics, and you ll find moving on to other development platforms much, much easier in the long run.
Listing 13.8 The Person class with validation attributes in place
Get-WmiObject -namespace root\cimv2 -class win32_desktop
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