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Clicking the New or Edit button opens a simple Event window, which allows you to set the trigger for the script and specify the script file. The Event window also lets you specify parameters for the script, but for that, your script must be saved as a compiled script with a run handler containing parameters, like this: on run {parameter1, parameter2, ...} --script end run Some similar utilities you could use are Script Timer (find it at www.appsandmore.com) and MacAT (check out www.macsos.com.au/macat/).
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One final issue you may be wondering about: what is the $OFS (Output Field Separator) variable doing in the example When PowerShell converts arrays to strings, it takes each array element, converts that element into a string, and then concatenates all the pieces together. Since this would be an unreadable mess, it inserts a separator between each element. That separator is specified using the $OFS variable. It can be set to anything you want, even the empty string. Here s an interesting example. Say we want to add the numbers from 1 to 10. Let s put the numbers into an array:
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CAUTION: If you add the gamekit key but later decide you don t want to make Game Kit a requirement, make sure you remove the gamekit entry. If you simply uncheck the gamekit check box, it actually tells iTunes that your app is not available on devices that do support Game Center. That s exactly the opposite of what you might expect. To actually make Game Kit an optional requirement, you ll have to remove the gamekit entry altogether.
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If the principal instance fails, automatic failover brings the mirror database online as the new principal database. For this to occur, all of the following conditions must be true:
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CHAPTER 8: Xcode Documentation
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Finally, we ll add a triangle to the shapes array. Don t forget to increase the number of shapes in the shapes array:
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<Rectangle StrokeThickness="0" Width="200" Height="64" Canvas.Left="8" Canvas.Top="8"> <Rectangle.Fill> <LinearGradientBrush StartPoint="0,0" EndPoint="1,0">
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Note The Content Management Server tab is active only when an ASPX file is loaded
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In this example, you can type L for a line, A for an arc, C for a circle, or S for the last command. AutoCAD rejects any other single letter, whether in a keyword or otherwise. However, you can type a partial keyword, or even the entire keyword, if you want. When you type partial keywords, you must supply enough of the keyword to uniquely distinguish it from all other keywords. The partial entry must also include at least up to the capital letter in the keyword. For example, AutoCAD rejects typing la, but typing las correctly returns laSt. Regardless of how the user types a keyword, AutoCAD returns a string that exactly matches the capitalization used when you initialized the keyword. In the previous example, typing S, LAS, Las, or any other variation returns laSt. You can use keywords in conjunction with these Utility input methods: GetKeyword, GetInteger, GetReal, GetDistance, GetAngle, GetOrientation, GetPoint, and GetCorner. Each of these methods can obtain keywords set using the InitializeUserInput method. See The GetInput Method later in this chapter to learn how to retrieve keywords from them.
I removed the user-agent for brevity; it s the same as the previous example. But note the value of the HTTP Referer header. I ran this example from Visual Studio, so the host is localhost:21597. The full path of the .xap is included as the Referer automatically.
Shallow list of files in the directory
Designing for on-demand capacity: cloudbursting
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