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Setting the DataContext in XAML
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Listing 13.8 Markup to display a list of books in a GridView
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By now, you know that the report-authoring process involves working with the report data. Specifically, you set up the data in the construction phase of the process. In this chapter, we provide more in-depth coverage about the Report Designer. You will learn how to use the Report Designer Data tab to set up the report data. We cover the following topics: Setting up the data source Defining report datasets Creating dataset queries with the Graphical and Generic query designers Creating parameter-driven reports
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We ve already established that the best way to ask questions of the domain expert is to use concrete examples in a notation she s familiar with. I have the concrete example, so all I need to do now is to transform it back into the familiar notation that of an order confirmation form. The result is shown in figure 3. Note that there are sometimes different ways to represent the information from your table in a familiar format. For instance, in this case I used a single form with two customer names, two customer IDs, and two order totals. I could also have chosen to use two separate forms, one for each row in table 2. In fact, because I m completely unfamiliar with the domain of sales orders, I should try both versions to make sure that I won t conclude that the data isn t allowed if the domain expert rejects an example that s correct but incorrectly represented. To save space, I won t include the two extra order confirmation forms I have to make to test the alternative representation.
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NSDictionary *dictionary = NSUInteger count = dictionary.count; __strong id *keys = NSAllocateCollectable(sizeof(id)*count,NSScannedOption); __strong id *values = NSAllocateCollectable(sizeof(id)*count,NSScannedOption); [dictionary getObjects:values andKeys:keys]; NSUInteger i; for (i=0; i<count; i++) { id key = keys[i]; id object = values[i]; // ... }
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Database schema
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Writing More Efficient Code
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Enabled PasswordChar Label (Name) Enabled Text TextAlign Second TextBox (Name) Enabled PasswordChar
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First introduced in SQL Server 2005, database mirroring is improved in 2008 through automatic recovery from certain types of data corruption (Enterprise edition only) and log stream compression. Upon detection of a corrupted page, the principal and mirror databases can request fresh copies of the page from each other and overwrite the corrupted page with a good copy. Log stream compression improves the performance of database mirroring by compressing the transaction log stream between the principal and mirror and therefore reducing the network bandwidth requirements while increasing transaction throughput.
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The steps to create a vertical splitter are detailed in the following table.
The downside of manual data binding is that it can be tedious to implement, especially for complex objects.
Get-Process | Sort VM,ID -desc
Mapping tests to projects
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