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NOTE: I changed the desktop image in Figures 6 3 and 6 4 because the dark background blended into the black background inside the folder. Don t let this confuse you.
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15.2.1 MDW selection or creation
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You can use the TabPages property of the tab control to display the TabPage Collection Editor dialog.
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Operator Overloading
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JMockit is an open source project that uses the Java instrumentation APIs to do some of the same things that Typemock Isolator does in
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Waits and queues: a performance-tuning methodology
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Second, to tell RS that you want to use an expression, you must prefix the expression text with an equal sign (=). The Report Designer reacts in different ways to remind you about this rule. For example, if you type the expression without the equal sign in UNDERSTANDING EXPRESSIONS 153
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Listing 7.13 Shared-state corruption by a test
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CHAPTER 7: Playing Music
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To kick off the advanced section of the book, we take a detailed look at the ListView class. This class is used by applications such as Windows Explorer to present a collection of items in list form. We will examine this class in detail, including the following topics: Various styles supported by the ListView class. Members of the ListView class. Defining list view columns in Visual Studio and programmatically. Selecting and editing items in the list. Activating list view items. Dynamically switching the contents of a list view. We will start from scratch here and build a new application called MyAlbumExplorer. In this chapter we will display both albums and photographs in the main window. The next chapter will add support for a TreeView control to this application to create a window much like the Windows Explorer application utilizes for file system objects.
In the previous section, we built a custom panel. Panels differ from controls in that they typically participate in the opposite side of layout: panels are responsible for laying out controls; controls are responsible for measuring themselves. When creating controls in Silverlight, you have two main choices: you can write a UserControl or create a custom control. User controls, covered in chapter 10, are more about composing other controls, whereas custom controls are about defining new behavior to make available to developers. Custom controls differ from user controls in that they re lookless by default they re expected to work with a completely different control template as long as certain contracts are adhered to. User controls bring their templates along with them in the form of the .xaml file; they support limited templating and styling capabilities. In this section, we re going to build a custom control that can show grouped content with a header which, when clicked, shows or hides the content. There are already
Private Sub TestCallback() Dim state As Object = "" Dim TheAsyncResult As IAsyncResult Dim MyDelegate As TestDelegate MyDelegate = New TestDelegate(AddressOf TestMethod) Dim CompleteCb As AsyncCallback CompleteCb = New AsyncCallback(AddressOf Complete) TheAsyncResult = MyDelegate.BeginInvoke(state, CompleteCb, Nothing) Trace.WriteLine("Exiting TestCallback") End Sub Private Sub Complete (ByVal TheAsyncResult As IAsyncResult) Dim TheResults As AsyncResult = CType(TheAsyncResult, AsyncResult) Dim ReturnValue As String Dim state As Object = "" Dim MyDelegate As TestDelegate MyDelegate = CType(TheResults.AsyncDelegate, TestDelegate) ReturnValue = MyDelegate.EndInvoke(state, TheAsyncResult) Trace.Write(ReturnValue) Trace.WriteLine(CType(state, String)) End Sub
It s downright scary how many production databases have no primary and foreign key constraints, and even more use identity integers or GUIDs as the only uniqueness constraints on their tables. I guess the idea is that the front-end application is ensuring only good data is passed to the database. I wonder if those developers have ever flown internationally. In 2007, I (Paul) made three trips to Russia (and had a great time). At the Delta ticket check-in counter, they check your passport. When boarding the plane, they check your ticket and your passport. But in Moscow, the passport control officers don t just assume that everything must be okay. They scan your passport, do a quick computer check on your identity, and verify your Russian visa. In the UK, everyone entering is photographed. The U.S. takes fingerprints. These are folks who understand the concept of database enforced keys. There are two true things about every database I ve ever worked with that had no keys. First, the IT manager thought the data was good. Second, the database was full of bad data.
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If ($service.name -eq 'BITS') { Write-Host 'This is the transfer service' } elseif ($service.name -eq 'Spooler') { Write-Host 'This is the print spooler' } elseif ($service.name -eq 'W32Time') { Write-Host 'This is the time service' } else { Write-Host 'This is an unknown service' }
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