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Distance Unit
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Figure 2.6 In NUnit, an ignored test is marked in yellow (the middle test), and the reason for not running the test is listed under the Tests Not Run tab on the right.
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Use Go to Help to jump to the Apple web site for support with iWork. NOTE: Remember that the iPad does NOT multi-task. That means that if you use Go to Help and jump to the web browser, you will exit Numbers, Pages, or Keynote and then you will need to re-enter the program once you leave the browser. Multi-tasking will be available in some programs in version 4.0 of the iPad operating system, due to arrive this fall. The Edge Guides and Check Spelling toggles are exactly the same as in Pages.
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A stored procedure call prefixed with EXEC, for example:
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Many application commands also take one or more parameters. Most of these parameters are identified by labels; these are also keywords. For example, the Finder s make command requires you to specify the class of object you want it to create (folder, alias file, window, and so on). To identify this parameter, you give it the label new: tell application "Finder" make new folder end tell An application command can have any number of labeled parameters. Many application commands allow you to omit some or all of its parameters if you want. You can t omit required parameters, though; if you leave one out, the application will report an error when it tries to handle the command. If you leave out an optional parameter, the command will use a suitable default value instead. For example, you can supply several additional parameters for the Finder s make command if you want; these have the labels at, to, and with properties. Let s say you want to specify the new folder s name when you create it. You would supply this value via the with properties parameter: tell application "Finder" make new folder with properties {name:"Holiday photos"} end tell The application s dictionary explains what each parameter is for and how and when it should be used. The dictionary definition for the Finder s make command is as follows: make: Make a new element make new type class -- the class of the new element at location reference -- the location at which [to reference] -- when creating an alias file, an alias to or when creating target of the window [with properties record] -- the initial values element Result: reference -- to the new object(s)
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Figure 5 16. CherryGarcia() is a Cherry() clone that adds Callebaut bittersweet chunks.
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Stringing Characters
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i i++;
CHAPTER 12: Categories
My favorite DMVs, and why
This opens a file for access to read it or to write to it. This command returns an ID number identifying the open file. You can then use that ID number in the five other commands in the File Read/Write suite to identify that file. You can open for access files that do not exist yet, which will in turn create the file for you: open for access file "Macintosh HD:test.xml" --> 1568 You can use the ID number returned by open for access only for as long as the file remains open. As soon as the file is closed, it is no longer valid and should not be used again. (You can close files by using the close access command or by quitting the application that s running the script.) If you want to write to a file, you need to open it for access with write permission: open for access file "Macintosh HD:my text.txt" with write permission
Immediately before AutoCAD begins to save the current drawing, the BeginSave event is triggered. Once AutoCAD has completed saving the drawing file, the EndSave event occurs. You might use the BeginSave event to query whether or not the user wants to purge his or her drawing before saving it. You could use the EndSave event to reinitialize standard layers, linetypes, and text styles that may have been purged because they weren t currently being used. As you can see, AutoCAD has provided some very useful events that greatly enhance its controllability.
If you did not receive this popup window, then you can manually start the CD import into iTunes by clicking the Import CD button in the lower right corner. You will also notice that the CD has appeared under the Devices list in the left column (see Figure 26 42).
Notific atio ns
Install button click handler
Also update any subitem text that might be affected by the user s changes.
For more details about NSError, see 12.
} myTextBox.IsReadOnly = IsLocked;
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