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In earlier chapters, we devoted a lot of attention to .NET, the new object model from Microsoft. But there are two older workhorse technologies that are still heavily used on the Windows platform. The first of these is COM, Microsoft s Component Object Model. This is most commonly used as the Windows automation mechanism. The other major object model is WMI, Windows Management Instrumentation. This is Microsoft s implementation of the Common Instrumentation Model or CIM. CIM is an industry standard created by Microsoft, HP, IBM, and many other computer companies with the intent of coming up with a common set of management abstractions. We care about these technologies because there are still elements of the system that are accessible only from COM or WMI. Until there is full cmdlet or .NET coverage for everything we need, we ll sometimes find ourselves turning to COM or WMI to complete a task. In this chapter, we ll cover the important details for accessing these two facilities from PowerShell. We ll look at a number of examples that illustrate how things work and the sorts of tasks that can be accomplished. We ll also look at how we can mix the traditional Windows scripting language VBScript into PowerShell scripts. We ll even see how we can make a horse talk (or at least a parrot).
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NHibernateConversationWebModule.EndConversationAtTheEndOfThisRequest(); Context.Response.Redirect("Default.aspx"); } }
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ne of the important capabilities of C# is being able to interoperate with existing code, whether it s based on COM or is in a native DLL. This chapter provides a brief overview of how interop works.
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CHAPTER 5: Stick Around: Building Data-Driven Applications with SQLite
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iTap Receiver
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This one can be hard to figure out if you re not familiar with the C-style construction. Here s a cheat sheet:
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C# has two looping constructs to replace the Do Loop construct. The while statement loops while a condition is true, and do while works the same way, except that one trip through the loop is ensured even if the condition is false. For example, you can rewrite the following VB code: I = 1 fact = 1 Do While I <= n fact = fact * I I = I + 1 Loop as follows: int I = 1; int fact = 1; while (I <= n) { fact = fact * I; I++; }
Compared with the first edition, the second edition of this book included updates of all the samples to conform to the compiler s beta 2 release. Most of these changes were fairly minor, mainly based on naming changes in the frameworks, though some of the samples did require a bit of rearchitecting. The second set of changes typically involved the addition of small sections or new examples. As for the major changes, the second edition contained heavily revised chapters on delegates and events and showed how to develop a sample application using Windows Forms. The book contained a new chapter on threading and asynchronous operations, which detailed two ways of getting things to occur simultaneously. Finally, it included a new chapter on execution-time code generation, which detailed how to write a self-modifying application.
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You can view the current execution policy by running Get-ExecutionPolicy. The execution policy can be changed in one of three ways:
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